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Idax Cryptocurrency Exchange

IDAX was founded in 2017 and within a few months got into the top ten CMC exchanges. We provide IDAX users from all over the world with convenient, secure and fast cryptocurrency digital transaction services. For better user support in other countries, IDAX now has branches in Singapore and South Korea. We provide BTC, ETH and USDT trading pairs. Recently, we also launched fiat transactions. IDAX has always been committed to developing the most advanced security technologies and systems, and in 2019 launched the new Prophet, a modernized security system, to provide users with maximum security. Our support is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you with your problem. With the exception of the customer service and security protocol, the platform engine has also been updated this year. The market speed of promotion is now 200% higher than in the previous generation. Higher system availability and fault tolerance compared to the previous engine. The IDAX team is always striving for the best for our users. To build a better world, IDAX launched IDAX TOKEN (IT). At the same time, information technologies have become an important milestone for IDAX, they make IDAX more perfect on three sides: “Environmental value of IT”, “Value of the IT community”, “Value of IT applications”. We value every platform user, we maintain our relations with users in the long term. As one of the main exchanges in the world, we will take the initiative to create the first user community system initiated and supported by exchanges.

 Features of the IDAX cryptocurrency exchange

The most popular and sought-after trading pairs on this cryptocurrency exchange include the following:

  • BTC / USDT;
  • ETH / BTC;
  • ETH / USDT.

The exchange of tokens and cryptocurrencies XRP, EOS, BCH, LTC for bitcoins and Tether (USDT) is also in great demand. But there are much more available crypto assets on the IDAX exchange than it seems at first glance. SMS data confirms that 142 crypto assets are traded on IDAX. These include new tokens MEDIBIT, NER. Soon, the crypto-exchange plans to present its own token.

What is the difference between IDAX and other cryptocurrency exchanges

The exact answer to this question is of interest to many people who want to make money without making serious efforts. Why choose IDAX cryptocurrency exchange? It differs from others in Mongolian registration. The official website of the exchange indicates that its data center and headquarters are located in Ulan Bator. IDAX is governed by Mongolian financial laws. When the official site was created, its domain was mn. After some time, he became An interesting fact is that Mongolian is not in the list of possible languages. Users are offered Chinese, English, Korean.

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency exchange

It is recommended to make a choice in favor of the IDAX crypto exchange for the following reasons:

1. It offers users a large trading volume guaranteeing high liquidity.

2. The exchange has many trading pairs that are regularly replenished with tokens.

3. The site has a simple and convenient interface, which cannot but please beginners.

4. You can log in using the mobile application.

The disadvantages of the cryptocurrency exchange include the following:

  1. Support for only one type of fiat currency (RMB);
  2. Lack of a Russian version;
  3. The impossibility of anonymous trading (funds are withdrawn after verification);
  4. Some sections do not work (until you can buy ICO tokens or find real cryptocurrency sellers who do not live in China).

 IDAX Home Page Overview

The following sections are offered to the user on the main page of the site:

1. Fiat. It is intended for acquisition of cryptocurrencies for Chinese yuan.

2. Coin listing. In this section, the user has the opportunity to recommend a token or coin that has not yet been presented on the exchange. Here you can also ask questions about listing to managers, see the entire list of tokens and cryptocurrencies, find out detailed information about them.

3. Foundation. This section does not yet fully work. But it is intended to buy promising ICO tokens.

4. Benefits. Here, the user can learn more about upcoming promotions, distributions and sweepstakes of coins or tokens.

Users will also find these tools and pages useful:

  • Login / registration / language / site design selection;
  • News;
  • Coin rates;
  • Chat
  • Table of trading pairs;
  • Links to download the application, public, chats in Telegram (there is an English version).


The IDAX trading platform is quite popular, as it is considered one of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, as well as due to the large daily trading volume.

We recommend the DigiFinex platform for cryptocurrency trading for both beginners and experienced traders, since you can configure the interface or use the normal version of the trading page – it is standard and quite understandable (+ we made detailed instructions for you on conducting basic operations on the exchange).

It is also attractive that IDAX has a mission and beliefs – they promote the idea of ​​tolerance and oppose any discrimination. It is commendable.

But if you liked the interface of the IDAX exchange, it is better to create an account on it right now –, since large trading floors often close the registration of new users.

A rather unpleasant situation can also happen if wallets with a certain cryptocurrency on your favorite exchange are closed for servicing, which happens quite often. Then you can’t do anything with the funds that are on the blocked account. Therefore, we recommend storing funds in cold wallets (they are the most reliable) or on any other digital wallets – we talked about them a little higher. In addition, you can always withdraw money from such a wallet to any exchange for trading (for example, on IDAX) if the wallet with this currency was closed on the exchange where you always trade.


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