ICO: Do you need it


ICO: Do you need it

Do we need an ICO? This is the first question that every team of a crypto project should ask itself, and, to tell the truth, it should be asked more often.

In fact, everyone who thinks about launching an ICO should spend some time deciding whether they need it at all. This will save a lot of time and effort: first of all, to you and your team.

Venture investor William Moyar very accurately explained this in his definition of a token:

 ‘A unit of value created by the organization for a self-governing business model that allows users to interact with their products and simplifies the distribution of remuneration among shareholders.’

This is the meaning of token placement: to distribute something that has value and is the most important component of your business among those who support you. A good marketing campaign can initially attract the first investors to your project.

However, in the long run, the success of your token depends on how it will be used and what role it will play in your business.



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