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Lifespan of hype projects

The issue of the lifespan of hype projects, among which there are not so many long-living ones, concerns not only experienced investors, but also most beginners. Long-lived hyps do exist, but the problem is that there are very few worthy of attention among them. However, after considering this problem, it seems somewhat bloated.

We select long-lived hypes according to key signs.

Good investments are those that can fully pay off and bring decent income. But what are the characteristics of determining the profitability of a hyip project that will be profitable? We will try to deal with the main conditions that allow us to correctly assess the project.
The hype’s working time is largely dependent on the funds that the creators spent on its organization. Hype, which at first glance looks like sloppy work, will live up to the moment when the creator can not collect an amount similar to the price of polystation. Well, expensive hyips, in the project of which considerable funds were invested, should not only justify them, but also provide income. This will take time, which will guarantee a long operating time.
It is quite difficult to evaluate the money spent on a hype project from the outside, and it is often impossible to obtain accurate data, however, the approximate cost of the project can be set without any problems. Let’s dwell on the key features of the investment project expenditure items:

  •  Design. To create a quality design, you need to invest at least a thousand dollars. In turn, using a standard template costs up to fifty dollars. A specially developed design from the template one is distinguished by a high-quality appearance, correct display on different displays, including smartphones and tablets.
    If you have been investing for more than a year, then you can easily recognize these differences. If you just started doing this, you can explore all the nuances on blogs and special forums. They have all the necessary data.
  •  Domain name. The domain name whois requires special attention. Fortunately, there are many services on the network where it is possible to verify a domain. If it was registered just a couple of days before the start of the project, then you need to be careful with it, since it can be minimized as quickly as it started. Most investors attribute a safe registration time to a period of at least several years. However, this information should not play a decisive role. The problem is that the cost of registering a domain for a year does not often exceed the threshold of ten dollars. Therefore, to give the project confidence, giving fifty dollars is not a pity.
  • The presence of those. Support. You plan to invest in a hype project, but you have some doubts. Then try to be convinced of a worthy level of support work. Contact them and ask questions interesting for you about the functioning of the project, about how long its life is projected, and so on. If there is at least a small staff of employees who provide technical support, then this indicates the presence of additional costs of the project administration. This is a good sign for potential investors. Well, if your support is simply ignored by the support, or the answers come with a significant delay, then the project will work in much the same way.
  • Presence of SSL certificate. For good protection of the site’s traffic, it should work on the https protocol. During the transition to the HYIP project website in the address bar, the lock of the secure channel should be green. In addition, the name of the project in the existing certificate should be similar to the name of the project. A positive assessment should be given to the certificate that was registered by the legal entity. The price of this service ranges from up to one thousand dollars. Be wary of issuing certificates for a domain name. If the certificate is completely absent, this indicates a saving on the process of its registration, which costs not so much.
  •  Hosting. The use of poor-quality hosting indicates a low budget for a hyip project. As a rule, long-lived HYIP projects are hosted on separate servers, which cost about five hundred dollars a month. Using shared hosting can reduce costs by up to thirty dollars a month. You can simply find out about the quality of hosting – for this you need to check how many sites are located on one ip. In case the server is dedicated, there is only one site on it.
  • Quality of filling. Look at the texts presented on the site and its legend. Well, if there is a FAQ section. It is necessary that the work of the project, the conditions for making funds and the basis for its functioning be described. A poor writing level and errors in them is a bad sign.
  • Number of unique visitors. The attendance curve of the HYIP project should clearly show an increase in its attendance. If the project has low attendance, it has a similar popularity. But this does not apply to new projects, which can still have a lot of traffic in case of a serious advertising campaign, which positively affects traffic.

In conclusion, we can say that long-lived HYIP projects really exist and can please investors with regular returns. Despite this, each of them ultimately still waits for SCAM, and it is not always possible to foresee this unpleasant event, as well as withdraw all its funds by that time. Read special forums and blogs, only this way you can get the greatest chance of success and notice problems with making payments, which usually begin long before the project closes. Only in this way can secure income generation be guaranteed and not lose your invested funds.


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