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HyperCash (HC)

HyperCash (HC) is an open-source cross-platform cryptocurrency designed to exchange information between blockchains and centralized networks. The project is a highly reliable network with quantum sustainable and signature technology. The cryptocurrency blockchain consists of two chains, each of which performs various functions in the ecosystem. These two chains serve to provide an interconnected ecosystem that will help solve the interconnectedness, privacy, and security issues that are prevalent between modern blockchains.


HCASH cryptocurrency appeared on August 20, 2017, then the developers launched a cryptocurrency network. In July 2018, the team upgrades and launches a beta version of the network. Two months later, in August, developers completed a complete improvement in network performance. Until December 2018, developers completed the development and testing of atomic swaps between the two chains of the project. Since the beginning of 2019, the team began to develop the HAIL protocol, which appeared by the end of the second quarter. And by the end of 2019, the developers plan to launch a sharding mechanism and side chains for working with DAG networks. As for the team, the project director is Adam Jerry, who has extensive experience in strategic and operational management. The post of operational director was taken by blockchain enthusiast Andrei Vasilievich.


The HCASH project consists of two chains working in the transverse direction, each of which performs different functions in the ecosystem. Thus, the HCASH ecosystem consists of the main chain of HyperCash and HyperExchange, which is a derivative of the main chain, but works to establish communication between the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain-like systems, as well as DAG networks. HyperCash represents the main part of the platform, which can connect to various block chains, which allows you to freely distribute value and information between networks. Thus, the project is intended to facilitate the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blocked networks. The HyperCash blockchain operates on the stochastic consensus algorithm RPPOM, which uses PoW and PoS mechanisms. The mechanism of work is designed so that network members are divided into Tourists, Candidates, Citizens and Senators. Citizens are selected to produce blocks and receive block rewards. Tourists can also participate in mining and receive rewards for mining by providing assets to citizens. Senator is an asset manager and community administrator at HyperExchange.


HyperCash is a major part of the HCASH project, which has a community-based, autonomous management model. This ecosystem operates on the RPPOM algorithm, which is a derivative of PoW and PoS. HCASH is designed to bridge communication between other blockchains. Thus, HyperCash acts as the main mechanism that is designed to transfer data between different blockchains. The HC token operates on the HyperCash blockchain, which displays the value of the project as a whole.



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