Hype verification and recommendation


What is verification

This is the procedure for confirming the name or other data that the investor entered in the personal account of the project. For verification, as a rule, a passport scan and a mobile phone are required.
Moreover, deposits are usually accepted without any verification, but when withdrawing funds – please confirm your identity.

There are 2 types of verification

  • Right
    It has been known about it since the opening of the project, it can be mandatory or voluntary, no matter what. But! All participants were informed about its availability in advance, in plain text on the site, which means they did the right thing.
  • Wrong
    Such mandatory verification is introduced in the middle of the project, serves as an unpleasant surprise for the participants and not even a bell, but a bell ringing about the imminent closure of the project.
    Why is it introduced in the middle of work? It’s simple: to pay less, separating from payments those who are not ready to shine with their data.

Why I didn’t participate in hyps, where verification is required

In my opinion, the fact of mandatory verification scares off a lot of investors – not everyone is ready to shine with their data, not everyone has a left scan at hand. I think no one needs to be reminded of how the projects work. And if many investors do not participate due to verification, the project will lose an impressive part of the inflow of funds. Thus, with mandatory verification, the project voluntarily abandons a huge portion of investors.

But you can look at it differently – as protection from a kooky with money. Indeed, this is one of the most working ways to get a HYIP running smoothly. That is why I do not exclude that in the future projects with verification may appear on the blog. But I still insist and will insist that you do not send scans of your data.

Why I do not recommend sending my data

Everything is obvious – it is not known where this data will go then and how it will be used. In many hyps there were verification and where now all these documents are unknown. Who knows, maybe right now one of the participants is the director of a microcredit company, successfully trades in forex or cryptocurrency, but just does not know about it yet 🙂
In huge quantities, passport scans are displayed on shadow forums and are successfully sold for a few bucks apiece. If you don’t want your documents to be used, don’t send them to anyone unknown.

 Verification usually consists of 3 stages

1. Identity Verification
At this stage, the project will ask you to download a scan of your passport, driver’s license, or other identity document. Usually they ask for a passport, but it’s even better – a scan of someone’s passport is the easiest to find, even in the same Google or on forums, it should be used for verification in hype. Under the name specified in the passport you need to register in a hyip project. And yes, do not ask me to lay out links to resources, where to get scans, for obvious reasons, I will not do this.

2. Address authentication
Here they will ask you to download a spread of your passport with your address, or a receipt for payment of utilities. The procedure is similar to the first paragraph: when registering in hype, enter the address specified in the downloaded passport.

 3. Phone number confirmation
And the easiest item, but no less important – you indicate the number and receive SMS confirmation. You can of course indicate your phone number, but be prepared from time to time to receive SMS mailings and calls, because after the scam of the project, administrators sell both the e-mail database and the phone number database. So that you do not get spam, you can use either the online service for renting virtual numbers, or, which is certainly better, just buy a second SIM card only for registration in projects – and let them spam and call them to the switched off number.

But it’s worthwhile to understand that when using the left data, there is a risk of blocking the account during some additional verification. Here you already see what is more important to you: personal data or account security.

Of course, you should distinguish between a normal hype project and serious companies, for example, which generally do not apply to investment projects, in which case the use of other people’s data is illegal. But even here you can apply some tricks, for example, using any online watermarking service, write “Specially for such and such a site” on your scan, usually this is not prohibited by verification rules. In this case, no one can use your passport. You can see what the watermark looks like in the picture above.

When all documents are sent, verification begins, which takes from several hours to several days. You will receive a notification of successful verification by e-mail or in your personal account.
On this article came to an end. Be careful when sending documents to dubious sites, which are all hypes.

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