Hype Screening


Hype Screening

If you are a teapot in the hype industry, you have probably studied a lot of literature on this subject. And there is plenty of it on the Internet, everything has already been written and rewritten on this topic.

But what if you are “average”? That is, it is no longer a teapot, but also not an experienced user. For this case, less advice is already provided. We will offer our own.

The small amount of training material from experienced people in the field of hype for beginners is not due to their secrecy or reluctance to write. The fact is that there is no specific template for this stage. Any situation is unique.

First of all, you should know that surface analysis is not suitable. Testing resources (for example, Alexa) will help the beginner, but they are not suitable for the pros. Throw out and check resource design, marketing. The surest indicator of a project is its technical characteristics. What is the degree of protection, the type of script, the preparedness of admins for attacks, and their implementation of the resource’s functionality – this is what you should be interested in.

The professional use of HYIPs is a delicate game where every little thing matters. For example: you were interested in a project, because all of its criteria meet yours, and the administration is pleased with the responsiveness. However, the topic on investment forums is inactive. And after analyzing the project in more detail, you understand that keep the theme active peypostery (people investing in the project for an additional fee). The teapot will not notice this and will think that the project is really growing, but you cannot fool the “old people”, they understand that the activity in the project has been paid. The pros will not look at such a project.

Therefore, in order to acquire a professional flair in hype you need to know about certain groups of people (the same peypostery). Many resources have users who are not interested in the project and do not want to develop it. Having information about peypostery and others, it will be easier for you to navigate in the field of hyps.


First: have information on the various terminologies and environments that the hype administration can create. Second: get information from primary sources. This is also called ‘insider’. For experienced investors, insider information is often a decisive factor in investing. Many experienced referrers work through insiders. Chat with famous referrals, admins, oldies forums. The more primary sources, the better. It is not easy to establish a trusting relationship with the project administration, but if you succeed, consider success in your hands! In this case, the administrator may not be stingy about his plans, and your money will be protected. This move is the highest step in the hypes, so go for it.

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