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Feedback on contributions made

Most investors believe that after the investment, their only task is to withdraw profits, while only a few participants leave comments and unsubscribe about payments.
Few people think that hype reviews play a big role and even your little comment about the fund can significantly affect its work and your profit. Why it is important for the investor to leave comments, I will tell in this article.

Not every contributor is willing to spend his time writing reviews, but this minute task can help not only the project, but also himself. Hype industry is, first of all, the social sphere, in which much depends on the communication of users among themselves. From other participants you can get information about a particular project, find out your personal opinion, even ask about the solvency of the fund. Therefore, the comments of the project participants are indicative of those who intend to make a deposit or are just looking at hype.

Your hyip feedback on creating a deposit will tell other investors that the project is worthy of attention and it is of interest to investors. Active feedback from participants about investments will positively affect the reputation of the fund, attract a flow of investments – all this will help the fund to work better.

You, as an investor in the project, will also win, because if hype works successfully, then you are more likely to make a profit from the deposit. In addition, leaving a message about the contribution is a matter of one minute, which will not be difficult for you, but will be of great benefit. Consider this as an investment of your own time, which will increase your chances of success.
Remember the rule: there are reviews – there are contributions, no one writes reviews – there are no contributions.

Hype feedback on received payments

And so you made a deposit, unsubscribed about creating a deposit and with interest you complete the interest. But this is not your ‘work’. After all, nothing so spurs the interest of investors in the project, like hype reviews that the site regularly pays and others make good money in it.

With your payment posts, you will not only help yourself and the project, but also tell potential investors that there is a good solvent fund with which you can earn.

Hyip reviews affect the development of the project and without them, even a very cool fund can suddenly complete its work. After all, no matter how high-quality and prepared the hype would be, but if there are no reviews of payments from it, then no investor will risk investing their money.

In this case, word of mouth plays a big role, and if investors support the site with their financial statements, then a positive reputation is created around the project. That is why I always emphasize to my partners that comments of this kind extend the life of the project and are of great benefit to the hype industry.

Reviews of bonuses, insurance and contests

I would also like to say that not only hype reviews are extremely useful. It will not be superfluous to leave comments on the blog about bonuses, insurance, consultations and so on. After all, this helps the resource to develop and attract new readers, and therefore partners in the team.

It’s no secret that admins go to meet uplines with large structures to increase insurance, the percentage of remuneration and give bonuses. Not only the superior, but also each member of the structure benefits from this, because the conditions for referrals will be improved.

I will not hide the fact that any blogger is pleased when his readers and partners are active and appreciate his work. Feedback from investors is very important and your comments confirm that I am not doing my job in vain, the blog is useful and helps to earn. Therefore, do not spare a couple of minutes of your time and unsubscribe on the blog, as this is useful for everyone.

Negative – no

Not all comments are equally good, if the posts are negative, then this can lead even the most promising project to scam. Panic among investors is a terrible dream of any admin, especially if it occurs without good reason.

Unfortunately, negative users are always more active. They give thanks more often in silence, but always express negative moments in the open. For the same reason, under almost any service / exchange / payment system, negative reviews will prevail in the comments. If all is well, we take it for granted, but if something is not like, we write about it right away.

But back to the hypes. Before rashly writing bad comments, you need to think about the fact that in each project there are contributors and that they, and not the admin, will suffer in the first place.

Negative hyip reviews are often associated with delays in payments, but sometimes bad posts begin to crumble long before the end of the schedule. Some investors are accustomed to solving problems not through technical assistance or the administration of the fund, but directly by the negative on the network, which is why they begin to prematurely sink hype.

Often a person simply incorrectly prescribes a wallet in the settings, and then runs to tell everyone that his application is rejected. Or the second situation: there are instant payments in the fund, but payment didn’t come to one payment system – the person immediately has a panic, but in reality the funds in the wallet for payments simply run out. The entire amount cannot be kept in the wallet for payments, especially when it comes to instant, because then, when a script is cracked, you can withdraw all funds with the same instant. Admin will replenish the balance, and the payment will come. Unless of course the person has drowned the project yet 🙂

In any situations, first of all, you need to contact a superior or administration. If your problem is not solved and the fund violates the rules, then only it will be wise to notify other investors about the difficulties encountered.

Do not forget that it is very easy to sow panic among investors, because one comment can heat up the situation. And even if you managed to write a post stating that the project does not pay, but the payment still arrived, then it will not be superfluous to make a second post describing the real situation – we are all human and the project might have technical problems. Still, this fund also has your money, and an extra negative will not help you extend the life of the project and return the invested deposit.
In the “scam” you can always have time to carry the hype. But if it turns out that the project is working, pulling it out of the “scams” ​​is already many times more difficult.


As you can see, comments in the hype industry play a big role, and each investor needs to remember not only their benefits, but also the harm. Be active, do not sow negativity and this will bring great benefits to yourself, projects and other investors.

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