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The size of future income, as well as the level of risk of loss of all investments, will largely depend on how carefully the hype project has been selected.

Consider what you should rely on when choosing a method of investing.

The foundation must have a website

The project site should be high-quality and created on a paid hosting. By filling the resource, you can partially judge its prospects. After all, if the creators of the site worked hard and invested a lot of money in it, then they will surely continue to develop it.

Safety for users

Be sure to check if the site has an SSL certificate. This is very important, because your data must be protected by an encryption protocol so that attackers cannot find out your password and download other information.

Payment systems

The severity level of a project is also greatly affected by how many payment systems it collaborates with. The more options, the better.

Advertising company

On the one hand, a wide advertising policy is a plus, because a large number of people who want to invest will learn about the project, which will undoubtedly add customers and the project will last longer. But if the creators of the fund have deployed too broad an advertising program, then you should understand that they will want to return the money spent on it at the expense of investors. It is better to abandon a project that advertises itself too actively. Such a fund is unlikely to last long.

Another thing is if the project is moving forward naturally through forums and blogs of the clients themselves. If investors themselves recommend investing in the project and they have evidence of the profit, then it is worth cooperating with such a resource. If on the Internet about the fund there are almost no theoretical calculations, then this is direct evidence of the imminent closure of the project.

Revenues Must Be Real

If the creators of the project promise their investors a daily income of 50% or even more, then you should immediately abandon the investment, as these are scammers. The real income that the most successful hype project can bring will not go beyond 5-7% per day. It’s better not to pursue a one-time gain, but to direct your money to a stable daily income.

Refer to independent sources

Before you invest your money, find information from independent sources. Do not rely on the reviews located on the project website itself. Not the fact that they are written by real contributors. The real state of affairs and statistics on payments can be found on the websites of webmasters who themselves invest their money and announce the results on their own resources.

Check support serviceability

Having visited the site of the HYIP project, write to the support service, asking any question. If the project is serious, they will answer you, and quickly. But in some cases, actively advertised hypes do not even have their own support service that would quickly solve user issues. Investing in such resources is not worth it.

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