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What are partisan hypes

All investors dream of finding a long-lived project and are looking for them mainly among hyipas with good preparation and colorful design. But sometimes for years sites with a very inconspicuous appearance, which the industry calls hype-guerrilla warriors, work for years. Over time, they change their appearance and marketing, turning from an unattractive caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

Hype-partisans are template projects with poor technical training that outwardly do not have any investment. They especially do not seek to gather crowds of investors around themselves, but rather, on the contrary, they conduct very quiet and modest work, practically without connecting advertising. Such funds will seem to investors-newcomers a real slag, while experienced investors can see profit among some partisans.

Hipy partisans differ from slag projects in that they are not created at all in order to quickly raise money. Usually these are projects with big plans for the future and in order to shoot, they need to first build a reputation. Helps in this unsightly look that pushes investors and allows the project to work with a small number of investors without a heavy load on the cash register.

Main signs

Hype partisans are significantly different from traditional projects, so they are easy to calculate. It is enough to analyze the technical characteristics, promotion and marketing of the fund, after which you can confidently say that you are dealing with the project “in quiet mode”.

  • Unsightly appearance. Partisan has minimal training, both in technique and design. Some admins deliberately launch such a repulsive project so that as few investors as possible join it. Other councils simply do not have money for a good technical assembly, so they launch the fund with minimal costs and plan to improve the hype characteristics already from the investments received.
  • Minimal promotion. Hype partisans have long been working without ads. The project may appear on a couple of monitors, and then only so that these services record the time of the fund.
  •  Limits Often the project administration is trying in every possible way to limit the flow of funds and for this purpose strict limits can be introduced on the amount of the deposit or on their amount.
  • Modest affiliate program. Since the partisan does not need to actively spread among investors, it makes no sense for the administrator to wash the cashier with generous affiliate rewards. The referral program in such projects may be completely absent or offer participants a symbolic percentage of profit.
  • A small number of payment systems. As a rule, guerrillas restrict input methods, so most often they connect one or two payment systems. Some of them work purely with cryptocurrency and this also plays the role of a deterrent from the kookid.
  • Working marketing. True partisans will never offer space profit, since this is not in their interests. Such projects are set up only to quietly wind the meter, which means they will offer investors a small number of plans and their conditions will be, to put it mildly, not very profitable. The best option for a partisan is 0.5% -1% per day.

Why do partisans make hyip

As the name implies, partisans hype are projects that conduct their work in a quiet mode and to some extent “hide” from investors. These are funds that are oriented to the future and their purpose of work at the initial stage is to build up a reputation. They do not need to attract investors with a cool design or super-profitable marketing, the main thing is to work longer, prove their solvency and only then go into the active phase.

Such work is planned by giant projects whose administrators are determined to show the result or those who want to collect more cash and are ready to spend time and effort for this.

Separate administrators prefer partisans, because they do not have the money to prepare and promote the project. At minimal cost, they create a hype with a template design and, in fact, spend money only on a script, domain and hosting. After the money for ‘changing clothes’ of the partisan appears at the box office of the project, the admin successfully modifies it, and then starts to spend money on promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages

Partisans are interested in investors in that such projects can work quietly for years and during all this time you can earn money with them. Minimal promotion, limits, weak affiliate program and moderate marketing – all this positively affects the solvency of the partisan. Moreover, good school desks, even after changing clothes, continue to please profit for a long period.

One of the main drawbacks of the partisan is that it is very easy to confuse it with a slag project. Especially if the investor does not have much experience and is not able to analyze funds. Along with this, even if you manage to find a real partisan, no one knows if he will be able to survive to change clothes. It is possible that the administrator without experience and will not be able to maintain the performance of the fund for a long time.

And of course, it’s worth mentioning as a minus that any person can make a partisan, even without experience, since it is very cheap. In fact, you only need to buy a domain, a license for the script and host on any simple hosting. And since the costs do not exceed two or three hundred dollars, then such a project can be closed by collecting 500-1000 dollars. This is sometimes used by scammers.

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