Hype centenarians – how to choose the right project


The visual component of the long-life hype

1. Design and execution of the site

The first thing that catches your eye when opening a site is design. It must be unique and enjoyable. If earlier you saw exactly the same design (not similar, but exactly the same), then feel free to close the project page. Clones never work for a long time.
An important role is played by the execution of the site. Text that crawled beyond the borders of the site, non-working buttons, hackneyed pictures are obvious signs that the administrator does not give a damn about his brainchild. The site should be convenient and well-developed, because this is the face of the project. Well, in general, look at the site and try to evaluate it: does it look high-quality, is it clear that you worked on it?

 2. Content

The text on the site should be unique, written correctly and enjoyable to read. If the site is ‘teeming’ with typos, errors, then the administrator was in a hurry to open the project and did not read his text corny. Difficult readability of the text due to its terrible design, for example, a dark font on a dark background, large texts without paragraphs, etc. Also indicate a short project work.
Well, if there are 1-2 errors on the site, it’s not scary, contact technical support, usually such things are quickly fixed.

3. Contacts

Go to the contact page, do not be too lazy to copy phone numbers and address (if any), and look for information in Google. Sometimes it happens that the contacts of several projects intersect, and Google will kindly find them for us. If you find the same contacts in different projects, it is better to bypass such hypes. Admin spared money for unique contact details – which means he will regret paying a long time.

Technical component

4. HYIP domain and hosting

It is important that the project domain does not end with Russian domain zones, such as .ru, rf, su. It is also necessary to check in this service that there are no Russian domain name registrars in the “Registrar” field, and there are no Russian hosting services in the “Name Servers” field. That is, we avoid HYIPs that have ‘Registrar *******. Ru’ and ‘Name Servers *******. Ru’ Why do we avoid? Because at the first complaint I can block the site, and it can take a long time to unlock, which is fatal for hype.

5. SSL

SSL – green lock in the address bar of the browser. It is designed to provide secure communications. If SSL is absent, then our data (login-password) can be intercepted and used for personal gain. Almost all projects have SSL, but if you come across a project without it, then the administrator doesn’t care about the safety of participants, so you can safely close the site.

6. Verified Money Perfect Wallet

A rare project does not use Perfect Money, so be sure to verify that the wallet of the hype is verified. The project administrator himself should be interested in this first of all, because verification reduces the commission from 2% to 0.5% – which means that the project’s ticket office will be depleted more slowly.

Long-life Hype General Information

7. Who is behind the project?

If the admin is open, try to find out who he is, where he glowed. Often there are situations when leaders, speakers, or even ordinary participants in a large project after its scam decide to open their hype. I recommend avoiding such funds for one simple reason: I don’t remember a single project that would give a profit, where would a person admin who shone in hype as a participant or speaker admin. Like, “I’ve been involved in this topic for a long time and decided to stir up my project” – after these words, you don’t have to wait for anything other than quick-skam.

The reason for this is rather what people think, if they successfully earn as members, then everything will work out as administrators. But these are two different things.

 8. Launch Date

Asking the question “how to choose long-longevity hypes,” you should determine its type: fast, medium-interest, or low-interest. And if you can go into mediators and low-interest projects after a long period of time, then long-lived fasts are better to bypass.

9. Smooth development

Hype long-livers work for a long time, because they develop gradually. In other words, from the start, the project should not arrange grandiose actions, everywhere in a row to buy advertising, and indeed develop rapidly. A strong influx at the start sets the bar too high, which the project will not be able to pull for a long time. In addition to refusing advertising at the start, smooth development can be achieved by limiting the maximum deposit amount and gradually increasing this figure.

10. Investment plans

If the project is not one, but several investment plans – study them, check their balance. Plans with a larger deposit amount should be more profitable, if this is not so, then the administrator is also a mathematician and is not going to work seriously.

11. The size of the referral (affiliate) program

It is worth paying attention to the referral program. If it is absent, too small, or vice versa too high – this is a clear minus. In the first and in the second case, the project will be difficult to spin up: very few people are willing to promote the project without the main motivator – referral rewards, or for some ridiculous 2% of the partner’s contribution. And on some passivators, hype will not last long.

With too generous referral, the HYIP cash desk will be emptied very quickly – a person will only invest, and half of his contribution will already go to bonuses at 7 levels 🙂 An overestimated affiliate is justified only in cases of very high profitability, when the HYIP life goes for days and you need to attract As many investors as possible.
In other cases, sum the standard referral rewards from all levels – the total number should not turn out more than 25%.

All of the above items are required when choosing a project. Unless you can close your eyes on hosting only if the hype’s preparation is very serious. The following three points are not mandatory, but very desirable, because their presence extends the life of projects.

12. Freezing deposit

If the deposit cannot be withdrawn at any time or the deposit is included in the payments, then this is a definite plus – the hype will be stable. Imagine the situation that the project’s website, where you can take a deposit, “glitch” and stopped working for several hours. Or a group of people paid by competitors began to spread rumors about non-existent problems with payments. Investors are fearful creatures, what will they do in this case? That’s right, they will run away from sin to put their deposits on withdrawal. And even if everything is fine in a hype, it can become chipped due to a strong outflow of funds.

In the case of freezing the deposit, the project cannot be shaken – people, as usual, will put their interest on the withdrawal, receive funds in their wallet and realize that there is no reason to panic.

13. Social Promotion

The presence of social advancement in the project gives several points at once in his favor. See if the project holds webinars, goes offline, does it make presentations offline? As practice shows, HYIPs that promote “on the ground” or at least hold regular webinars are much more likely to turn into long-livers HYIPs than those who prefer not to bother with social promotion.

14. Documents, phones, offices

Documents, telephones, offices will give the project solidity in the eyes of potential investors. After all, the admin did not just open the site, but got confused and did everything so that his brainchild looked as serious as possible. Yes, and offline it is easier to go to such a project, you can always say “come to our office, we will tell and show everything”, and this is a big plus for investor confidence.

Now you know the main points when choosing a long-liver hype. I want to note that they do not guarantee the high-quality work of the project, but only show its degree of preparation. But if you pay attention to the points from the article, you can coolly reduce investment risks.

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