Hype advertising


Hype advertising

Advertisers today have to work hard to find a niche and a way to effectively post information. The most popular modern information field is the Internet.

The article is addressed to advertisers promoting their project or product on the Internet. Based on our own practical observations, we decided to help with tips and tricks, in what ways and where it is better to promote your project.

1. First of all, it is worth changing the very priority of the question, where to place advertising. Much more important is the question of how to do this. An unsuccessful format of advertising on the coolest advertising platform will leave it unnoticed, turning into wasted means.
2. In order for others to believe in your project, you yourself must completely believe in it.
3. Do not turn advertising into meaningless homogeneous spam – hackneyed phrases and calls are unlikely to attract attention, forcing you to go to the specified site to get more detailed information. Are you sure that such information would interest you? Therefore, do not repeat other people’s failures that have already cluttered the Internet.
4. Do not also rely on the effectiveness of direct referral links. No wonder the most famous companies do not use this technique for advertising purposes. The meaning of only a small fraction of the projects being promoted can be stated so briefly that they become understandable to the consumer in ten seconds, given, according to statistics, a quick look at the site by reference. Therefore, the use of axle boxes will be effective only in promoting some projects.
5. The best way out is a landing, presented in the form of a one-page website targeted advertising, which briefly outlines the essence of the project, presenting a service or product, orienting the user to purchase. The landing page can do this quickly, falling within the allotted 10-15 second period.

The most effective landing is done with your own hands, with a complete understanding of the project and the goal achieved. To help organize it correctly, view the landing pages of well-known companies. It’s easy to make the target page, there are convenient website builders available for free, for example, WordPress. This is much more effective than the recent special sites that provide their pages for different projects as separate landing pages. The main site overlaps the capture pages included in it and often they do not work at all.

Significantly more effective is the personalized communication that your targeted personal page will provide, with written from the heart, thoughtful text and feedback. Your personal data and contacts indicated there will allow you to get information or the necessary first-hand consultation, which is much more pleasant for the user.

Invite to chat. Do not neglect such an important factor. It is live communication, the opportunity to get real help and advice that inspire the greatest confidence and desire for newcomers and not too experienced investors to take part in the project.

If you are hesitant about landing and you are closer to the style of automatic offers-mailings by mail or skype, use our tips:

– do not clog the meaning of the message with strange emoticons, moving pictures, falsely thoughtful utterances;

– communicate on your own behalf, openly, from the heart, not afraid of your own reasoning and opinion;

– create an analogue of the blog in Skype.

The main thing is to believe in your project yourself, not to turn into a machine generating advertising.

Good luck in your promotion!

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