Hypas that don’t pay everyone


Hypas that don’t pay everyone

As we said earlier, hypes can be divided according to two main criteria – either he pays or does not pay. But, it turns out, there is a third option that can mislead every new investor. This option is called selective (selective). That is, this is a project that makes payments only to a certain circle of people. What for? Why? Now we will try to answer this question.

What is the goal of the administrator of almost every hype, opening a new project? Of course, get the maximum profit. Unfortunately, sometimes the desire to make a profit is combined with a high degree of greed, which leads to a quick scam of the project. Accordingly, having gained a certain amount of reserve, the admin tries to attract additional investments as quickly as possible, trying to pay only to those hype participants who will not cause significant material damage to the project.

 I pay only monitoring

That is what another greedy admin can say. Such a project was originally designed for scam. In order to attract the maximum number of investors, the admin simply pays to many hype monitors even after the project has already been chased. The money falls into the pocket of the monitoring owner, and the project admin rejoices the status of “Paying” his hype for a few more weeks, until he decides to collect “all the cream”. Such a trick, as a rule, comes only to novice investors who come to monitoring hyps with a bad reputation. Still, in the circles of knowledgeable investors, everything has long been known about the reputation of a monitoring.

Opinion leaders

How to collect the maximum bank before the scam of the project? You just need to make payments to people who trust people! This can be a professional investor who has his own blog site, or a reputable forum member. This person receives payments steadily and shares his positive experience with other investors who joyfully continue to invest in a deliberately failed hype. Naturally, after 2-3 days such a project, having collected the maximum amount of profit, is closed.

What to do when a hype is detected

In our opinion, the answer is obvious. Try to disseminate this information on all investment sites, forums or blogs. This information can help someone save their money. Be sure that in the future they can also help you by publishing such a review.

 Interesting information

Do you want to minimize the likelihood of no payments in such projects? Try registering by choosing a username that resembles the name of an investment service. This will help you to receive payments even in cases when the project has frankly sucked.

Do you want to receive up-to-date information about hypes that will help to maintain a stable level of payments? Then just go to our website and you will surely find useful information for yourself!

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