HYIPs with hourly charges. How to invest in them


What are HYIPs with hourly charges

Recently, HYIPs with hourly accruals began to appear more and more often in the HYIP industry. It will not be superfluous to write an article on how to select projects with hourly accruals, what is their advantage and how to invest in them correctly.

In the hype industry, there are many categories, types of investment projects. One of them is HYIPs with hourly charges / HYIPs-hourly / hourly (call it what you like). What is HYIP with hourly charges?

HYIP with hourly charges is a type of HYIP (investment projects), the marketing of which involves the calculation of interest rates of return every hour.

Advantages of hourly accrued HYIPs

Obviously, there are a number of advantages for this category of investment projects. In our opinion, there are three of them:

1. Interest calculation. Profit is accrued every hour. It is very comfortable. This factor is especially important for large investments.

2. The term of investment. As a rule, it is not great in this kind of investment projects, namely it is from 1 to 5 days. Of course, there are exceptions.

3. Type of payment. In the case of projects with hourly accruals, the instant mode dominates. With proper marketing construction, a manual payment mode is not required.

 Investment Recommendations

The above points of the administration of such investment projects are not as easy to complete as it might seem. They do not maintain the given pace and cannot provide investors with the promised profitability. Based on this, most of these projects will quickly harden.

It is important to understand that with a high degree of probability more than 60% of such projects will not work longer than 1-2 weeks. So how do you invest in hourly and stay in the black?

Following our instructions, you will be able to more consciously and safely invest in hourly hours:

 1. Do not enter among the first. If you are an ordinary investor, not a blog, not monitoring, then you do not need to go on the first couple of hours. Let the administrator show his desire to work. Bookmark the project and follow from the side for a while. Administrators without experience will usually sit in the first 1-3 days.

2. Do not invest large amounts. We recommend that you allocate up to $ 300 per hour. The fact is that in such investment projects invest on average from $ 10 to $ 100. By investing a large amount, you run the risk of being blocked or simply be deprived of payments. Even if you are used to investing amounts from $ 300 and above in projects, then you should limit yourself to a $ 200-300 deposit. Of course, if the project is TOP, then the administration will not do anything like that. Forewarned is forearmed.

If you want to invest large amounts in investment projects with hourly accruals, then you need to select them more carefully. Use your cash diversification strategy wisely.

 3. Do not invest in several investment plans at the same time. The hype rules may not specify this item, but the administration will not be delighted if you invest money in several plans at the same time. It’s just because the scripts of the hourly engineers do not provide such a function. This will stop instant payments for you personally.

4. Do not create multi-accounts. In 95% of 100% of investment projects multiple registrations from one IP address are prohibited. Hourly workers are no exception. In no case do this, otherwise your accounts will be blocked.

5. Avoid blended marketing. The hour in which you invest should consist solely of hourly accrued plans. In this case, you have a classic hourly. This means that the administration follows the rules that are dictated by the marketing of the investment project with hourly accruals.

6. Avoid hourly hours with Bounty programs. Of course, the Bounty program is a great way to get additional income in any hype project. We believe that its use in hourly hours is impractical. Quality hourly workers do not need a Bounty program. Observations show that good hourly workers work more than well without it.

Based on this, the presence of a Bounty program can signal the inexperience and incompetence of the administration in the category of HYIPs with hourly accruals.

7. Use a refback. In order to significantly increase your income, use refback. Investments in plans with a minimum period in themselves do not bring a solid income, and a refback will help to fix this.

8. Always be up to date. This rule applies not only to hourly workers, but also to hype in general. Hype hourly workers require more attention, as they live and pay strictly on time. Track the status of the project on blogs, monitoring, forums and more often go to your account to withdraw charges.


Thanks to this article, you were able to find out about hourly workers, practically everything you need for a safe and profitable investment.

We recommend that you adhere to the above rules when investing in projects with the hourly category.

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