HYIP scripts – what it is and what they are


What is a hype script

In the technical configuration of any project, the script plays a crucial role. And since the sphere of HYIPs has long turned into an industry, there are a huge number of HYIP script manufacturers. In this article we will understand what a script is and what are the engines of modern projects.

HYIP scripts are a program that provides all the functionality of an investment resource. It is thanks to this engine that a simple site turns into a project that accepts deposits, pays profits, ensures the work of the affiliate program and performs many other functions.

As you can see, this is the core of any project, without which its work is simply impossible. That is why such attention is riveted to hype scripts, because without a high-quality engine, hype from the start is doomed to failure.

Nowadays, there are several popular scripts that have differences between functions and some individual features. All scripts can be divided into two large groups: template and unique. Next, I will talk in detail about each of the categories.

Types of licensed scripts

A template script, in spite of its name, is not something second-rate – those engines that are produced on an industrial scale are simply called that. Individual studios develop their own version of the script and sell their licenses to each particular hype. Therefore, projects with template scripts often look similar and have the same functionality.

Hype template scripts are found most often, because this is a fairly low-cost option for admins. They don’t have to bother with installing such a script and even beginners can work with it.


A foreign script, which for a long time was found only in projects of foreign admins, and in more ancient times was an absolute monopolist in the industry. If previously only foreigners worked with the engine, now domestic pyramid builders also purchase it, therefore GoldCoders has long been a hallmark of the admin from behind the hill.

  • GC refers to affordable and inexpensive scripts, as its cost is about $ 100-150.
  • Many partisans work at GoldCoders, and it was the type of “bare” script that became the corporate design of such quiet projects.
  • The script has a number of shortcomings, first of all, they scold GoldCoders for lack of flexibility, English-language support, meager ability to set tariffs, and braking under heavy user load.
  • Among the advantages of the engine, I note that the script is easy to configure and work, allows you to integrate any design, provides the ability to connect a variety of payments and set up a referral program.

Today, GoldCoders is somewhat inferior to its competitors, because both in terms of reliability and functionality, it is bypassed by more modern manufacturers. The key drawback of the script is that its source code is closed and the buyer cannot know what kind of “surprise” such an engine may have inside.

H script

Domestic manufacturer of hype scripts, which today is a confident leader in the Russian-speaking segment of the industry. Engines from H-Script are loved and appreciated for their low cost (about $ 150), reliability and rich functionality. The script is time-tested and constantly updated, in addition, H-Script has many other advantages:

Manufacturer of hype scripts, which today is a confident leader in the Russian-speaking segment of the industry. Engines from H-Script are loved and appreciated for their low cost (about $ 150), reliability and rich functionality. The script is time-tested and constantly updated, in addition, H-Script has many other advantages:

  • You can pull any design onto the engine.
  • Developers can order additional features.
  • It is possible to connect more than 30 payment systems to the project.

The main feature of H-Script is that it has open source code, and admins can independently change some features of the engine. Due to this flexibility, the hYIPs in the template script have their own personality. Minus H-Script, many admins note its binding to a specific domain.


Shadow Script closes the top three popular hype scripts – a rarer and more expensive foreign-made engine. CMS does not get much distribution due to the high cost price – if the previous options could be bought for $ 100-150, then with Shadow Script you will have to pay at least $ 500.

In addition, such a script cannot be pulled by whatever design – it will also have to be ordered from the creator of the engine, and the price will bite. Therefore, the presence of the Shadow Script project in itself indicates that the admin did not save on hype production.

HYIP scripts from Shadow Script are different:

  • High reliability. Judging by the reviews, admins do not have any problems with them, and if something goes wrong, then support will quickly solve everything.
  • Due to the fact that the script is non-standard, it is not so easy to crack.
  • Shadow Script has a multifunctional user account, which distinguishes it from H-Script and GoldCoders.
  • Due to the fact that the script is rare, the projects on it always have a unique look and functionality.

Other scripts

Sometimes in highs you can see the Blitz-Market script, which is not very popular. And the projects working on this script are often bypassed by investors, since for some reason scammers like to use it.

Rarely enough among the hypes you can find projects running on the AdminStation script. The manufacturer himself assures that he makes a fast and secure engine with many settings for tariffs and flexible controls – only the hype admins know how things are in practice. The script is quite young, but despite this, the price for AdminStation is not lower than its competitors and is $ 150.

Cheaper is the engine from DQ (DevQuill), which will cost $ 130. DQ allows you to configure different tariffs, even with a floating percentage, accepts payments through built-in crypto-gateways and offers fairly extensive settings for the affiliate program. The script seems to be quite good in its features, but because of its low price, admins-scammers often take it – of course, this is not the script, but the investor should take note of this fact.

 Hacked and free scripts

Sometimes admins go the simpler way and use free or hacked scripts. It’s easy to find such a product – it’s enough to drive a corresponding request into Google search, as a large number of sellers will come to your attention. You can get a hacked engine for mere pennies or even for free – this fact is very attractive for new admins.

The danger of such unofficial products is that their manufacturers leave holes for themselves to withdraw money. As soon as the admin launches the hype on the hacked script and collects at least some amount, the money will disappear in an unknown direction.

Even if there are no such “surprises” in the engine code, you need to understand that the unofficial script is not supported by developers, and for any problems the admin will be left without help. Investors are aware that projects on a script without a license are doomed to scam, so they bypass them.

How to check which script is used

You can easily check the license on the official sites GoldCoders, ShadowScript, DQSript, AdminStation, Blitz-Script and H-Script. At the last one, select “Check license” at the top. But be sure that you are checking the project on this script, and it has a peculiarity – if you insert any link, not even on hype, but on Google, during verification it will write that there is no license and Google works on a pirated H-Script script.

Unique script

HYIP scripts can be not only licensed or hacked, but also self-written. This is a completely different level of the project, because the admin specifically for him orders a unique script with individual features. It is possible to register any functions in such a script and provide any level of security.

For any investor, the presence of a multifunctional unique script indicates that the project has a great preparation. After all, the cost of a proprietary engine starts from several thousand and can reach several tens of thousands of dollars.


The hype script is the most important component that provides the functionality and performance of an investment project. Therefore, not only admins are required to pay due attention to the script in preparing the hype, but also investors, for whom the engine will tell a lot about the project and its chances of success.


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