HYIP Investments: How Profitable They Are


Hip history

For large investors and businessmen, as well as “advanced” investors, hyps as an investment tool are not of interest. This, in principle, is understandable – there were too many “projects” in the domestic market, on which many investors were burned. In addition, the very essence of hype is quite risky. But this is only one side of the coin, maybe we’ll listen to the opposite opinion and see if the hypes are worth attention or not.

To be as objective and precise as possible, let us return a few years ago and recall where, in fact, a hype has “legs growing”.

So, hype is a simple financial pyramid, skillfully ‘packed’ into a beautiful ‘wrapper’ of the appearance of activity and the likeness of some kind of real activity. True, with the advent of the Internet, which made the identity of the author of the project and its legal address anonymous, the need for such “mouse fuss” disappeared. Modern hype immediately declare – guys, we do not work, but only ‘beat off’ the funds of old investors by attracting new investors. They also directly report that the process is at its final stage, and sooner or later the hype ‘will order a long life.’

Why do people participate in hyps

But, even knowing this feature of the project, for some reason people continue to take part in them. So what attracts them to such risky investments? Probably the main reasons are the following:

  • Speed – the principle of hype is that it allows you to earn quickly, literally, in a few days;
  • Participation in highs does not require the investor to take any active actions or participate in daily routine work;
  • A high percentage, providing the opportunity to quickly make money and stop participating in this project.

Hype, like a ‘sip of excitement’

Statistics show that HYIPs attract gamblers who adore the “taste” of the big game and the expectation of even greater gains. For them, participating in a hype becomes an alternative to going to a casino, especially since the percentage of winning in this case is much higher. The process of the ‘game’ (and hype can be called a kind of game) and the ability to ‘furnish’ all competitors, makes gambling people invest in it. Some are so carried away that they get into loans and debts, because the opportunity to hit the jackpot every day is becoming more and more – in any case, the developers of such projects promise. By the way, the so-called Fast projects that promise participants literally instant profit. A goal lying at arm’s length, a specially pumped-up atmosphere, constantly changing results on the screen, showing the growth of rates and customers, create an excellent basis for attracting more and more new customers to this project. Of course, many lose because they do not fall into the echelon of the lucky ones who are paid dividends, but those who manage to collect the funds have the opportunity to earn great money.

Summing up, we note the following – the game industry, which exists due to the feeling of excitement of players and the desire to get instant profit, as well as other projects that incite people to part with money, masterfully influencing the feeling of greed and the desire to quickly get rich, have learned to manipulate our consciousness perfectly. And hype is no exception to the rule, so expecting them to disappear by themselves is, at least, unreasonable.

But do not forget that the basis of the HYIP industry is a completely legal investment – you make a contribution, money works, and you make a profit. Of course, hype is a high-risk ‘game’, no one argues, but the fact that there are people who not only lose, but also find, cannot be discounted. Therefore, if you consider hype as a source of profit – first learn how to make money on it, developing your financial instinct, and only then invest real money.

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