HYIP investing tactics


Approximate investment tactics

  • Invest a minimum amount for a minimum period and withdraw funds as soon as possible to make sure that the project pays and there are no problems with the withdrawal.
  • Invest the amount that you decide to invest in accordance with your investment strategy.
  • Go through one investment circle, that is, the minimum investment period, which usually brings about 100% of net profit, that is, doubles the investment.

  1.  Transfer the project to breakeven, that is, withdraw the funds that you invested, then work only with profit. If the hype collapses quickly, then at least you will not lose anything.
  2. Some HYIP players at this stage withdraw all the money and completely leave the project. There are still many projects, and the risks in this project are greatly increased.
  3. Projects usually don’t live for more than 3-4 circles, one went to the first step of the test, another went to breakeven, so don’t expect the project to bring you much more, and the risks increase greatly, so it’s advisable to withdraw another 30- 70% of the income that can be invested in another HYIP.
  4. Reinvest the remainder in another investment circle
  5. Withdraw at least 50% again.


  • Invest 10 $, test the system
  • We invest 100 $
  • After the first round we have $ 200
  • We withdraw the initial $ 100 to break even, $ 100 still remains
  • We withdraw another $ 50 – this is already profit from HYIP
  • We leave $ 50 on the account and reinvest, we receive half $ 100
  • We withdraw all the money from HYIP.
  • Total invested $ 100, received another $ 150 profit

This tactic is suitable and positively works for many HYIPs, but the market for HYIP games is very large, everyone has different rules, so use this example only as the basis of an approach that needs to be tailored to your conditions.

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