HYIP – game or investment


HYIP – game or investment

All HYIPs, MLM projects, analogues and descendants are all financial pyramids. This is necessary and important to understand.
But not all pyramids are bad.

For example, the US financial system, built on dollars, which are printed as much as you like, is a pyramid. The Pension Fund is a pyramid, since the pension is paid at the expense of the taxpayers currently working, and not from the accumulations of the pensioners themselves. Even banks are a pyramid, and no bank can pay all deposits to all depositors at once.

And all the pyramids burst sooner or later. Many do not doubt that this threatens the dollar, pensions undergo reforms when there is nothing to pay, and not all banks that once opened survived to this day and did not go bankrupt.

HYIPs are the same pyramid, it only differs in that its life span is much shorter and it does not overlap the average life span of a person, but he also has much more interest.

When the time comes for this or that HYIP, even the project administrators do not always know, since the project can be hacked, accounts can be arrested, and so on.

Investments imply a long term investment, so HYIP does not fit the description of investments, but HYIPs allow you to earn money, like gambling.

In addition, the ideology of the game makes it easier to relate to losses, and they will in any case, lose money is not so offensive as thinking that you were deceived.

Another plus of the game’s ideology is attracting new customers, without whom it is impossible to make a profit, and as many investors as possible should take part in this. But new customers have fear, fear of loss, fear of deception, fear of yet another MMM. But there is no such fear when people bet on red or sit down at a poker table, and many win both in casinos and cards. Attracting referrals to play highs rather than investing in them, the effect will be completely different.

HYIP is a game of chance, a game of money, in many ways a game of luck, but it is a game and that is how you need to perceive it, it is such an ideology that will allow you not to fly out of it with disappointment, become a master of the game, earn money and not lose your nerves.

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