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HYIP Monthly changes in the industry

In each case, there are times of rise and fall of the work process. You can call it seasonality. The scope of hype is very dependent on the time of year. Consider monthly changes in the industry.

January. This month there are a lot of MLM games, in other categories no special ups are noticed. Most projects are curtailed before the New Year holidays, only the largest of them are not closed. If hype remained alive this month, feedback does not deteriorate, activity does not drop, then it can coexist successfully.

February. Administrators are returning from the winter holidays, the number of hype innovations is increasing. Although many of them are purses for gifts for the February holidays. But you can stumble upon a good project that will survive until the summer.

March. A month of superactivity. There are many new products, more of which need to be passed by. But still follow the trends, the popular March projects live quietly until the summer months.

April. Close on initiative with the first spring month. But this activity no longer seems to be something special. Many hype started this month last a month or two. But it’s difficult for them to survive, since they have to compete with solid March projects.

May. This month’s hype can work all summer, and maybe a week and a half. During this period, it is necessary to approach deposits with all seriousness, do not forget to keep track of February-April projects. May is the month of closing these projects.

June. Summer. The most arduous and difficult month in HYIPs. The holiday season begins with both administrators and investors. With regards to the month itself, there may still be good news, but investing your money there is an extremely thankless task.

July. There is almost no month of void-beginner projects, people are resting. Only fast projections start from those who did not have time to save admins on vacation, or serious hyps to build up a good reputation and payment history by the fall. They should be determined by the number of errors – if there are a lot of them, it becomes clear that the creator was in a hurry in order to quickly get the desired profit. Another criterion is literacy promotion. If hype attracted even the few remaining active users of the industry, then it is very likely that the project will last until the fall, and possibly more.

August. Multiple projects intending to live in the autumn months. Gradually, everyone begins to come to their senses and prepare for the most active period.

September. The best time to invest in HYIPs. All categories of the industry are replenished with high-quality projects that survive to the winter and even NG. But this is only the beginning.

October. The most turbulent month. Even small and initially dead investment projects last longer, as the number of investors grows. In October, the widest selection of hypes is available.

November. Compared to the previous month, projects are not decreasing, but their validity is being reduced. The closer the New Year holidays, the more hyps die off. It is not advisable to invest in a period of more than a month in November.

December. The most dangerous month. There will be a lot of tempting offers, great gifts, “New Year bonuses” – do not believe it. This month, forget about significant contributions and play only with already invested funds.

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