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HYIP admins

Interest Ask. If you ask about this on some forum about earnings and investments, then a wave of jokes and sarcasm will sprinkle on you. Some will say that it doesn’t matter, only the project itself matters. However, you can classify hype admins in the following categories:

1) Beginners

2) Experienced

3) Scamers

1) The first category is dummies without a clue about what a hype project is. They think that if they create a hype, millions will fall on them. They dare and most likely crash. However, some of them are lucky and their projects are being shot, such administrators can be considered as ‘experienced’. Their projects are characterized by erratic work and earnings (or scam).

2) Experienced admins. There are not many of them. Especially now. But when such a person appears in the hype industry, a real celebration begins and throwing money directly into the project. The goal of such admins is to create the most honest hype. They won’t bet, because the reputation here is the most important thing. On it you can earn thousands and tens of thousands of bucks. Sometimes such admins act in a team, releasing hyps in streams, but nevertheless at the right level of quality. Projects are expected, juicy and the very best. Many get money for them and give them an example. But scam happens among them.

3) Scamers. They create empty projects with a worn design, free script and hosting and lack of SSL. And in the early days and hours of existence, this is one hundred percent scam. The goal of such projects is to collect as much as possible from naive beginners, because more experienced ones will not behave on such projects.

There is also the worst caste is the administrators involved in real activities. This is not a ‘company with many years of experience in the oil and gas industry and a yield of 8% daily’, but real methods of earning. These projects can be counted on the fingers, they give a low profit. Forex, betting, binary options – most often admins engaged in real activities work on these sites. For such people, the stable work of the project is the best way to earn money, so they do not ‘wash off’ with your money. Such administrators are worth their weight in gold. However, most of these individuals are not interested in hype: independent of the flow of people and money, their income is high and they do not want to share their secrets with others. Hype is a lost time for them, which they can use more productively.

The hype industry is the most controversial place to make money. I would like to know a clear formula for constant earnings in hype, but this is impossible. Classification of the “novice”, “experienced” and “scam” – conditional. Some projects that did not portend success succeeded in firing, and vice versa. However, always try to evaluate hype by final readiness. Carry out an analysis of investors, the work of the administration, ask questions. And the last piece of advice is do not put at risk those funds that cannot be lost.

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