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 Introductory review of the Hydrominer website

The principle of operation of Hydrominer is the installation of its hydroelectric power stations with mining equipment (2 are already operating in the Alps). They offer their investors the extracted electricity, which they will already use for the extraction of cryptocurrency.
This is a rather new approach, more honest: here we are generating energy that we use for mining, but not a word about the course and complexity of mining cryptocurrencies; What the company cannot influence – everything is correct. Upon entry we get a bonus of 42.8%. Additionally conduct ICOs to expand the business.

General view of the Hydrominer website

  • The general view of the site immediately shows the seriousness of the project, we see such well-known services as: bloomberg in the company’s info partners. Cnbc, forbes, businessinsider, cointelegraph, investopedia. Hydrominer has a very detailed roadmap – Roadmap, it makes no sense to repeat it here, it is available in Russian at this link.
  • Data center: there are 2 farms at their hydro stations; Going to discover new ones. Mining options are available: GPU Mining, ASIC Mining.
  • Company data: information is available about a team of 15 people, led by Founder, CEO – Nadine Damblon with his sister.
  • Communication options: Telegram, (chat 2700 people), Facebook (7K9 likes and page rating 9.2 out of 10), Twitter (3K4 followers), BitcoinTalk (topic on the popular forum), Instagram, LinkedIn. YouTube (video channel);
  • Price: 4 options are available, the minimum cost of € 502.00 for which 2.031.02 kWh of electricity will be generated, 1.000 Gh / s of power for 2 years will work. (more packages € 1200, 1800, 2500).
  • Registration: direct, but there is also an affiliate program.
  • News: through social networks.

Google indexes 139 pages and this shows that the company does not have a blog, publishes all the news on social pages, which are really many and in the opinion of the company is enough.

The site’s SEO settings are 90% correct, but one of the most important settings is not present – this is the description, Meta description; No description of pictures yet.



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