How to withdraw money after SCAM


Withdraw money after scam

HYIPs are created in order to earn and profit from free money depositors. Each HYIP has a moment when it stops paying, this condition is often called SCAM. After the project has COMMITTED, he can continue his work to raise money, but without payouts. For some time, customers will go by inertia, especially if there was quality advertising.

During this period, the project has already stopped paying, but not to everyone.

There is one trick that significantly increases the likelihood that you will be on the list of those who are in trouble to receive payments after SCAM – this is your username with which you registered in the project.

The fact is that HYIPs are well aware of HYIP monitors, such as HYIP world, which monitor the status of the project with their contributions and provide information that pays / does not pay in public. It is beneficial for them to continue to pay monitors so that they attract new customers.

The secret of withdrawing funds after SCAM

Register in HYIP projects with logins in which there are combinations of hyip and monitor or use logins similar to the names of popular monitoring.


  • Super-hyip-monitoring
  • Hyipmonitor2000
  • Hyip scanner
  • Profit-monitor

Having seen a request for withdrawal from such a login, many HYIP administrators make exceptions and confirm the payment.

Note: the method does not work with amounts over $ 300.


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