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Many people who want to earn money on investments are asking a natural question – How to start earning in highs? Even after reading a large amount of fact-finding literature, doubts remain. In order not to explain many times in private messages how to start making money, I decided to describe the whole mechanism in a separate article, where all recommendations will be divided into separate paragraphs.

In order not to ask questions, the answers to which are already on the site, carefully read the page ‘How to make money in HYIPs?’, The terminology and basic concepts there are covered quite widely. There you can also find wide overview articles in the ‘Beginners’ section, where you can find out all the pitfalls and subtleties. My recommendations and the basic rules of the investor can be found in the corresponding section, it is distinguished by a large amount of necessary information, laid out in a small volume – the most concentrated investment theory and information on the material make this section mandatory for a detailed and thorough study. If you really want to invest profitably – take seriously the work with the section, this will help to successfully start and avoid common mistakes.

Never forget the risks! In this area of ​​business, they are unprecedentedly high, and if you are not ready to put up with them, you should not engage in investment in projects

Register Mailbox

The next step is to register a new mailbox. This box will only need to be used for investment business, and I highly recommend using, the fact is that most email services on the Internet immediately delete letters from investment companies, taking them for spam. This happens right on the mail server, as a result you will not even know about the letters you need. My option allows me to find messages that seemed suspicious to the system in the Spam folder and decide on my own whether they are useful or not. Do not forget that the password must be strong, after registering an account with Google, be sure to authenticate twice. Such an operation will help prevent hacker attacks on your personal information.

Take care of security

  • For each wallet you need to connect extra. Protection: SMS or code card or token;
  • For the mailbox also install add. Protection, enable double authentication authentication in the security settings (password + sms);
  • In each new project use a new username and password;
  • Passwords can be pre-generated and stored in a protected file.

Get a wallet

The next stage is the registration of electronic wallets in payment systems. Usually, such popular electronic payment systems (electronic payment systems) are used to generate investment income.

This is the equally popular PAYEER payment system. There are many options for exchanging and buying from any bank card. All translations are very fast. And also a very beautiful and convenient site.

During the registration operation, it is necessary to indicate the real data, otherwise it will not be possible to pass verification, without which the amount of commission for transfers within the system will be much higher than for users who have passed identification. In addition, in these systems, there are products such as offshore cards that can be successfully used to withdraw cash after verification.

In order not to incur large losses and gain experience at the very beginning of their experiments, a small turnover of funds will be the best solution. For medium-sized amounts, you will have time to understand the intricacies of registering in HYIPs, depositing and withdrawing funds. Investing a small amount of money, you will not suffer significant losses.


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