How to send an anonymous bitcoin transaction


How to anonymously send bitcoin

One of the most important “shoals” of Satoshi Nakamoto when creating Bitcoin is the lack of the possibility of anonymous sending transactions.

Against the background of this problem, part of the blockchain developers started creating cryptocurrencies that would enable anonymous transactions – DASH, Monero, Zcash and others. Despite this, Bitcoin did not lose its leadership position, but rather began to gain more capitalization.

The craftsmen were able to come up with ways to make a payment to the user in BTC and at the same time not light up their wallet, i.e. Stay incognito.

One of the most popular and fastest ways to send an anonymous bitcoin transaction is to use cryptocurrency mixers. In one of our articles, we already wrote about what function they perform.

For example, we use the BitMix.Biz resource, with which we will show you how to make an anonymous transaction. So, go to the official website of the mixer.

On the main page of the site you need to choose one cryptocurrency from the two presented by the service. For example, we use Bitcoin.

After selecting a cryptocurrency for mixing, a form for entering your data will appear on the screen. Write down the address of the recipient’s wallet in the appropriate field, select the time for delaying the transaction and decide on the commission of the service. After filling in all the fields, click the “START MIXING” button.

NOTE!!! The more delay you specify, the more secure the transaction will be. The service recommends setting a delay of more than 1 hour. As for the size of the commission, the higher you set the size of the commission – the more transactions you will receive from 100% legitimate sources. You can also use auto-tuning of delay values ​​and commission size.

Then you are redirected to the page of your order. At the very top of the page you will see the address to which you will need to manually send from your BTC wallet in the amount of 0.005 to 2452.4700978.

To be sure that the money will go to the specified address, you need to download the guarantee letter provided by the resource. It serves as proof of your participation and may be required in case of problems with the withdrawal of funds.

Make a payment to the specified bitcoin address. On “everything about everything” you are given 3 days. To make this method even more anonymous, we recommend that you access the mixer website through the TOP browser.

Other methods

For anonymous sending of cryptocurrencies, you can use digital money, which initially has the functions of anonymizing transactions. One of the popular ways to carry out bitcoin payment transactions is to use special applications from Darknet, which integrate with the wallet.

Also, you can pay attention to such resources as:

  • Shared Coin;
  • Darkcoin
  • Zerocoin.


As you can see, sending anonymous transactions is a completely simple matter, and everyone can transfer the cue ball to another user, remaining incognito. So maybe Satoshi Nakamoto did not specifically make Bitcoin an anonymous cryptocurrency, so that it was “easier” for states to accept and recognize it? This question remains open.

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