How to make Satoshi fast and a lot


What sites pay Satoshi

To receive cryptocurrencies, you need to select the appropriate service, register and perform these tasks. The process of earning on different sites differs slightly, and the algorithm is always simple and straightforward. Most often, the task is to:

  • Viewing ads;
  • Input captcha;
  • Surfing web sites;
  • Distribution of coins automatically;
  • Games, lotteries.

In addition, referral programs are available on most resources, with which you can provide yourself with a good passive income. Their essence is to attract other users through their own registration link. In the future, a certain percentage will be accrued from the earnings of each attracted referral, therefore, the more of them, the higher the income from the referral.

Special attention should be paid to the withdrawal of funds. It is recommended to withdraw the earned Satoshi immediately after reaching the minimum amount available for this. Otherwise, at any time, the resource may stop paying or, for example, it will be blocked.
It is best to create a personal account on the websites of official cryptocurrency wallets that are verified and reliable, here are a few of them:

  •  Blockchain Wallet
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Payeer wallet.

    Thus, the process of working and receiving payment in crypto coins is completely simple. The main thing is to choose such sites where Satoshi can be earned without investments or with investments, but without the risk of being deceived.

How much satoshi can you earn

To determine how much satoshi you can earn per day, it is enough to make simple calculations based on average amounts. It should be borne in mind that some services allow you to earn every minute, but not enough, while others – less often, but more. The maximum satoshi can be obtained in investment projects with the help of affiliate programs without any investments.
In addition, today there are no sites where anyone can earn 1,000,000 satoshi quickly without investment. More precisely, it is possible, of course, to get the indicated amount of cryptocurrencies even without making any funds, but you won’t be able to do this quickly, working only on one resource. To do this, you need to register on several services and at the same time work for all at once, allocating for this the most part of the day, and also actively attracting referrals. Only in this case, Satoshi’s earnings can reach 1,000,000 per day.

As an additional income option, it is recommended to consider exchanges where free crypto coins are issued for participation in the online game. But whether each game session ends in a win or a loss is impossible to predict. But the coins are issued free of charge and you can only lose them, that is, without loss. In addition, they appear daily, so there is no risk.

How to choose a service for making Satoshi

There are several varieties of resources that pay for the work done by crypto coins. The main ones are called bitcoin faucets. Less popular are their counterparts that operate in automatic mode, as well as online games, mobile applications and mining.

Bitcoin Faucets

These services place a large amount of advertising, for impressions and clicks on which the advertiser pays a certain amount of money. The owner of the site gives part of them to visitors for watching and clicking on this advertisement.

At the same time, each similar resource offers users several additional options for earning. The most common include;

  • Games and a free lottery with a fairly large cash prize;
  • Link generators that allow you to collect cryptocurrency along with Satoshi from earnings on other sites;
  • Receiving bonus coins for additional access to the site;
  • Surfing (visiting resources);
  • Referral program in which they pay to attract friends.

Keep in mind that most of the existing bitcoin faucets cannot be called reliable and transparent. Therefore, in order to earn Satoshi quickly and a lot, without investments and with a guarantee of withdrawal of funds received, it is necessary to carefully study the reviews of real users about the selected resource.

Automatic programs

Satoshi’s earnings automatically look most attractive when crypto coins appear in the account wallet by themselves – without any effort and time. But since such activity is carried out using Internet bots, it has a lot of disadvantages. First of all, this is due to the fact that viewing ads not by a person, but by a robot is completely uninteresting to advertisers and the sites themselves, which distribute Satoshi for these actions.

In addition, to automate this process, you need to download special software, paying for it a certain amount of money. But very often the acquisition of such an auto-collector brings completely different and rather unpleasant results:

  • The user is faced with a fraudster who, after receiving the money, disappears from sight;
  • The purchased program is completely inoperative due to the need to introduce captcha when viewing;
  • If you can start the bot bypassing captcha, then very quickly all accounts are blocked.

Other annoying misunderstandings may be added to this list of troubles. All of them are fraught with the loss of money and time, and far from the promised easy earnings of Satoshi on the machine.
At the same time, there is a more reliable option for obtaining crypto coins without unnecessary worries. For this, there is no need to use robots, but you just need to register on such resources, where you do not have to be on the site and even turn on the computer to collect satoshi. Money is automatically accumulated on such resources, and in order to collect it, it is enough to log into the account once a day.


Mining is the most profitable way to mine crypto coins, but it requires a lot of effort and a lot of investment. Before you begin, you will need:

  • Purchase a high-power computer with a specific operating system;
  • Register a cryptocurrency wallet;
  • Select a pool;
  • Download and configure a special program;
  • Activate equipment – run the script.

Then the program will do everything automatically, but the computer should work around the clock.

All this is expensive, and the amount of invested funds usually pays for itself in 7-24 months. But the payback period and income are very difficult to predict, since a lot depends on the equipment, the mining system, the number of miners and other factors.

In addition to classic mining, there is also cloud mining. Equipment for it is purchased or rented on a third-party resource, which itself performs configuration and maintenance. This option is great for beginners, as it not only simplifies the whole process, but also allows you to start with minimal investment (from $ 2).

On the other hand, Satoshi earning through cloud mining is associated with a high risk of fraud or loss of all earned due to a cyber attack used server. Large commissions are also set here.

Earning on the phone

Mobile mining is another type of option described above, which is also suitable for beginners, as it is very simple and allows you to earn Satoshi without a lot of capital investment. True, in a very limited amount.

In this case, special applications are used for smartphones on iOS, or on Android. The problem is that the power and performance of most mobile phones is not enough to make good money on mining. And because of the dubious advertising that appears when applications are launched, anti-virus blockers often work, which simply do not allow the program to work. Therefore, all that can be counted on in this case is several hundred Satoshi for a decent amount of time spent.

In addition, most of these developments designed for Android do not pay earned money. At the same time, the developers themselves manage to get a fairly good income on the display of advertisements, and sometimes on user investments. Therefore, before you make Satoshi on Android, you need to carefully study the reviews about the selected service. Even if the application is bought and downloaded from the Play Market or the App Store, this does not mean that you can guaranteedly work on it and get good money. Most of them do not meet any requirements and do not make payments. Although there are reliable resources with which, in any free time, using a smartphone, you can slowly collect a fairly good amount of satoshi.

Online Games

A very profitable option for accumulating crypto coins is browser games with Satoshi earnings and various investment projects. You can play in two ways:

  1. On coins provided by the service or earned inside it;
  2. With the investment of own funds.

In the second case, special care should be taken. If you need to replenish your account to participate in the game, first you need to carefully examine the reputation of the site so as not to risk your own money in vain.

Satoshi’s earning scheme here is not at all complicated, but the algorithm on different services may vary. As a rule, the first amount of Satoshi to the user is credited immediately after registration. Then their number can be increased in several ways:

  • Receive free of charge for daily visits to the site;
  • Win the game
  • Buy directly in the system;
  • Make money on a bitcoin faucet that works simultaneously with the gaming service.

Satoshi acquired in any way can be used for playing. When you win, their amount increases, and when you lose, accordingly, the amount at stake is lost.

All game processes are clear, straightforward and require simple actions. There are also gambling collections. But you should be careful to make money on such sites, since many of them work for a short time and you may not have time to withdraw your winnings.

In any case, the profit of Satoshi with the help of bitcoin cranes, mining, games and other possible ways is always associated with high risks of losing earned or invested money. The main thing in this matter is the choice of a reliable resource on which it will be possible not only to earn, but also withdraw cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you need to listen to recommendations, analyze the reviews of real people, and also be vigilant and prudent.

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