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What is site monetization and why is it needed

Most websites are designed to make a profit for their owners. There are of course exceptions to this rule, but this article is not about them. Already at the stage of selecting topics for a new site, it is worth considering how and how much you can earn on your project. On one enthusiasm, Internet projects usually do not exist for a long time, because the creation and maintenance of a site is a rather laborious process, and without financial motivation, interest in the further development of the site quickly disappears.

What sites can I earn

You can earn on almost any site. The main thing is to choose the right method of monetization in order to earn money while not “scaring” all visitors and not getting problems with indexing and ranking in search engines.

There are sites originally designed to generate revenue, for example, online stores and business card sites. In the first case, this is online sales, in the second, offline advertising. But you can earn money on a personal blog, forum, city portal, news site and any other web-site.

Ways to monetize sites

Ways to make money on your site can be divided into ‘white’ and ‘gray’. It is advisable to use only white methods for a full-fledged SDL (site for people), and both methods of monetization are suitable for GS (g @ # but-site). There is no clear answer to the question ‘how much can you earn using one way or another’, since it all depends on the quality of the site, its theme, traffic, geography and paying capacity of visitors, as well as many other less important parameters. Therefore, the final decision about which method or methods to use, you have to make yourself.

Below are the most popular ways to make money on your site.

Earnings from sales of goods and services

This method of monetization is suitable not only for sites initially oriented to the sale of goods and services (online stores or business card sites). For example, on a construction and repair blog, you can advertise your repair services, sell your paintings on a painting site, and offer realtor services on a real estate site. This way of earning is suitable even for sites with low traffic.

 Earnings on direct sales of advertising

This type of earnings is suitable for sites with good traffic, but it all depends on the subject. For example, a culinary site with an attendance of 500-1000 people a day is unlikely to be able to count on such a way of earning, for a site about new buildings in Yekaterinburg with such attendance will quite find direct advertisers.

Analyze the cost of direct advertising on the sites of your competitors, and you will understand whether it is worth spending your time and energy searching for advertisements or is it better to choose other ways to earn money.

Earnings scheme:

  • Choose places on your site that you are ready to give away for advertising.
  • Make a price list.
  • Place the button or link ‘advertising on the site’ in the menu of your site or in the footer.
  • Waiting for applications from direct advertisers.
  • You can do an email newsletter on the database of users of your site, with a proposal to buy advertising (if you have such a database).

Earning on contextual advertising

This is one of the most common ways to make money on sites. The requirements for sites on these networks are quite high, but the income from contextual advertising is usually higher and more stable than when using other advertising formats. Advertising in such networks is selected individually for a particular visitor, which increases the likelihood of clicks at times. In addition, site visitors are more loyal to such advertising.

Contextual earning scheme:

  • Register
  • Add your site.
  • Get the code to post on the site
  • Ads are starting to appear on your site
  • Visitors to your site click through advertisements to advertiser sites
  • The ad network pays for clicks.

It should be borne in mind that the cost of a click in contextual advertising networks strongly depends on the subject of the site. In any case, this method of earning is worth testing.

Earnings on teasers and banners

Pay-per-click display advertising is suitable for making money on sites with high traffic, which for some reason could not be added to the content network.

Earnings scheme:

  • Register in one of the teaser networks
  • Add your site
  • Get the code to embed on the site
  • After installing the code, advertisements (teasers) will begin to appear on your site
  • Visitors to your site when they click on teasers get to the sites of advertisers
  • You get paid for clicks on the balance of the teaser network.

Earnings on teaser advertising are usually less than on contexts, ads often look defiant, but earnings are stable, and site moderation is more loyal. Teaser networks accept sites of almost any subject, including warez, movie sites and adult.

I do not recommend hanging teasers on a ‘white and fluffy’ site. This can scare away regular visitors, as well as adversely affect positions in search networks.

There are almost no banner networks in our time, though in some multi-format advertising networks there is still this way of earning.

Earnings on CPA networks

This is a universal and very popular way to earn money, which is suitable for sites of almost any subject. In CPA networks, a huge number of advertising offers (offers) from various advertisers are presented. Payment in CPA affiliates is made for an action committed by the user on the advertiser’s website. In a nutshell, the scheme of working with offers is as follows:

  • Register in one of the CPA networks
  • Choose an advertising offer in a CPA network
  • Advertise this offer on your website. It can be a banner, native advertising or a blog post.
  • Users of your site go to the advertiser’s site and fill out loan applications, register in online games or perform other actions paid by the advertiser.
  • The advertiser checks the correctness of applications (orders, registrations) and the money available for withdrawal appears on your account in the CPA network.

Tip: when choosing advertising offers in a CPA network, you need to take into account the theme of your site, for example, do not advertise financial offers on gaming-related websites – on such a website you can earn much more on gaming offers.

Earnings on Push Subscriptions

Recently, the way to earn money on Push-subscriptions has been quite popular. The scheme of work of this method of site monetization is as follows:

  • Register in one of the Push affiliate programs
  • You get a code to insert on your site, which displays an offer to site visitors to sign up for push notifications
  • After subscribing, users receive promotional push messages
  • A push affiliate pays you for ad impressions or clicks on it (depending on the affiliate)
  • You can receive payment until the user unsubscribes

There are 2 ways to collect push subscriptions on your site, the first method is the usual offer of subscription to all visitors, the second way is to close part of the content with a special code that will prevent users from viewing / downloading this content without a newsletter subscription.

Tip: this method of earning should be used very carefully. Antiviruses ‘swear’ on the codes of some push affiliate programs, this can affect both the loyalty of your visitors and positions in search engines. In addition, Yandex can pessimize your site for an overly obsessive offer to subscribe to push notifications.

Earnings on referral programs

Large online stores, hosting providers, ad networks, etc. Provide an opportunity to capitalize on attracting new users (customers). Such a scheme of work is called a referral program.

Earnings on a referral program using your site is as follows:

  • Register in the affiliate (referral) program of the service, which corresponds to the theme of your site.
  • Get a referral link to attract customers
  • Place an advertising post, banner or native advertisement with this link on your website.
  • The service pays you a percentage of the profits from customers who came through your referral link.

Not all referral programs bring good income, be sure to read the conditions of the affiliate program before starting work. Keep in mind that the conditions of the affiliate program can one day change. Therefore, when choosing this method of earning, in order to minimize the risk of lowering income, it is worth working with several referral programs at once.

Other ways to make money on the site

In fact, there are much more ways to earn on your own site, and everyone has their pros and cons. In this article I tried to talk only about the most popular and profitable methods. If you know other ways to make money on sites, please share them in the comments.

Which way to make money

In each specific situation, it is necessary to choose a way of earning based on the characteristics of your site. Nobody forbids you to combine these methods. For example, on a popular culinary site you can place contextual advertising, CPA-offers of food delivery and tableware shops, while collecting push subscriptions and posting paid articles.

On one site, direct sale of advertising will bring higher income, on the other CPA-offers or teaser advertising. But until you try, you won’t know …

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