How to make money on HYIPs


Investment Rules and Advice

Investing in HYIPs, in addition to high interest, carries high risks. In general, where there is money, there are risks. Therefore, immediately determine whether you accept the risks of losing the investment. If not, then it’s better not to participate in hyps (and in any type of investment). Those who are willing to take risks, I invite you to read further.

To reduce risks, you need to know and adhere to certain rules. Based on my experience in the field of hype, I want to share with you the rules that I always follow.
From the article you will learn about understanding investments, which actions cannot be performed and which, on the contrary, are necessary. No heresy in the style of “everything is reliable”, only the harsh truth, knowing which you can consistently be in profit.

It is important to understand:

  • The abbreviation HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program, which means “High-yield Investment Program”. In practice, this means that all investment programs that bring passive income higher than at the bank are classified as HYIP.
  • Investments suggest an opportunity to earn, but do not guarantee success. The same goes for project reviews.
  • Success is to bring out more than they invested before the company stops working.
  • Companies do not print money, but only transfer it from one people to another.
  • The presence of the so-called “real activity”, as well as the availability of documents does not guarantee the work of money on these documents and do not exclude risks.
  • Each investor makes the decision to invest in any investment project himself – I do not call you anywhere and do not invite you. Responsibility for an unsuccessful contribution rests solely with you.
  • When investing, remember the golden rule – do not invest more than you can afford to lose. Never borrow, do not get into loans – invest only free money. Before you think about how to make money on HYIPs, always ask yourself the question “if I invest this money and they disappear, what will I do”. If the answer is “I don’t know,” then it’s better not to get in here. If the answer is “no big deal”, then you can invest.
  • Project reviews, screenshots of payments, feedback from participants are relevant at the time they were published, but they do not talk about the future.

It is considered bad form:

  • To ask or to assume how long this or that project will work. This can be compared with the prophecy of Wanga. Are you wang Me neither.
  • Ask participants how much they earn.
  • Engage in black PR of other projects while they pay. Remember that the same people participate in them and they can do the same with respect to our project.
  • Do spam.

 How to make money on highs? List of rules

1. Diversify
Stability hides not in choosing a specific project, but in creating a sustainable portfolio. It doesn’t matter how good a project, company or even a bank is, sooner or later scam (closing) awaits them, when no one knows what will happen. Distribution of funds for various high-quality projects (preferably not more than 10% for one hype, but there are exceptions) will significantly increase your chances of being in the black for the month. It’s also not worth keeping all the money in one payment system – they can also get stuck (there are only a few cases, but you need to keep this in mind).

2. Promote your referrals
Referral reward is your extra income. By “referral promotion” I mean a review of personal participation in the project. Post on your page in social networks the projects in which you participate, write why you chose this project, post payments. Create groups in social networks, open a channel on youtube, use the full range of opportunities that the Internet provides. At the same time, never guarantee, do not drag a person into the project, be sure to warn about the risks.

3. Do not believe the admins

Entering the project, do not delve into the legend of hype and do not trust the admins, anyway we cannot be sure of the veracity of the information. We, investors, need to study only marketing: tariff conditions, payment regulations and referral program. When you invested, do not succumb to the sweet speeches of the speaker / admin / anyone you want to add, follow the principle of “I heard you, and now I’ll go to withdraw my daily interest”.

4. Treat any project as a potential pyramid with a cover in the form of a legend.
Even if it turns out to be wrong. This position will discipline you and will not allow you to sacredly believe in the project.

I knew Internet projects where real activities were carried out, and managers quickly poured out all the money, making unsuccessful transactions. This is where real activity was conducted – everything is in the red. And who got better from this?
In this case, it is more profitable with potential pyramids, there is an influx – there is work, of course, if the admin is normal.

5. Multi-accounts are evil
Do not become a referral with yourself in order to obtain referral interest – the rules of the projects this is strictly prohibited. Such tricks are easy to identify, and punishable by blocking all your accounts. Such a loss of funds is doubly offensive, because the rest of the participants earn in a hype, and the intruder is already in the red because of his greed. I want to note that in most projects it is not forbidden to register a new account under another sponsor – it is a ban on registering for oneself.

6. Take care of safety
Earn on hyip will not work, if you do not think about security. Take care of mail – this is access to your money. You need to have at least 3 mails: the first one for projects, it will be public, and the other mails for payment systems (one payment for one payment), do not shine them anywhere. You need to register Gmail – on it, unlike other mails, all letters without problems come and you can put SMS confirmation at the entrance. Do not use the same password on multiple sites, remember the rule “new project – new password”. Do not click on links from unknown people, do not accept files.

 7. Do not fall for promises
If a person inviting you to this or that project, sings to you about guarantees that there are no risks – immediately throw him to ignore. Do not even argue with such. This is either a green novice trying to get referrals, without understanding anything in the projects, or trying to lure a sucker who will promise everything that can be promised, if only you would make a contribution. Regarding guarantees – you do not have them, because they do not give you any security in your hands, which you can keep if you do not return the funds you have invested. Papers and contracts are not a guarantee. And with risks it’s even easier – they are in any field.

8. Try to get into hype early
The sooner you go in, the more chances to make money. In this area, who is the first – that and slippers. If you go into projects after half a year, you can stay in the red in the coolest highs.

But you don’t need to cling tightly to the launch date either – in a high-quality, proven HYIP old man, you have much more chances to earn money than in a beginner who started yesterday and who is only getting on his feet.

9. Do not flirt with reinvest
Choose a small time period during which you will make deposits (from a couple of days to a month, depending on the profitability of the project) and after that only withdraw. Reinvest can only be done with profits. And not the whole amount, so that in any outcome to stay in the black! If after passing the circle the profit is small, then, if desired, you can reinvest the deposit or part of the deposit.

10. Always withdraw profit
Saving money on the project balance is silly and insecure. Withdraw any charges as often as possible. Because the amounts in your account are worthless numbers on the screen until you reach your electronic wallet.

11. Do not get carried away by one hype
When a person declares “I work only in such and such a project”, he deliberately puts himself in an awkward position, because no matter how steep and large-scale the project is, sooner or later a scam awaits him. And then the person searches for the next project, and then again the next one. No need to run from one hype to another – diversify!

12. Distinguish between projects
Some fast project with a yield of 4% per day and a large low- or medium-interest worker with offices and work “on the ground” are worthy of completely different amounts of investment. If low- and medium-interest percentages have large amounts – this is a common occurrence, then a fast deposit of $ 1000 may become a reason to close. Because the costs of creating and scale of these types are different: projects with offices and development offline attract large investors and leaders, and fasts are usually just players with small investments. Therefore, investing in fasts requires little money.

13. Pay attention to “calls”
“Call” is a harbinger of scam (project closure), if you “hear” it in time, you can manage to withdraw funds just before the scam.

14. Do not criticize the project and do not spread gossip
In no case do you need to publicly show negativity, point out flaws in the direction of the project in which we have the money. Such actions have never helped, but they have often done harm. The same applies to “calls” – a wild campaign has started, do not panic, do not write in chats and comments, but quietly put on a conclusion and warn your partners.
In general – while the project pays, it’s impossible to deny, scam about the terms of its work and spread gossip from the category “but that grandmother”!

15. Money love silence ?! Money love screenshots! 
You probably noticed that in the comments under the articles about projects, people leave feedback on contributions and payments. This is done to support projects – in this way we show the participants and those who are eyeing that it is a success. If everyone plays in silence, one gets the impression that no one invests in hype, or he does not pay – and this can greatly affect the time of his work.
Want long-lived projects? Show payouts, the amount is absolutely not important – your activity is important. And then the question “How to make money on highs?” Will not be so acute.

16. Do not become a “keeper”
There are such hype where accepting deposits and making payments are not admins, but brave guys – custodians. Why bold? Yes, because after the scam all the cones are strewed on them. “They sent you to the wallet, you return it” – the participants demand from the custodian, although this money can be paid to other participants long ago. You can become a custodian only if you yourself are anonymous and use anonymous payment systems for storage.

17. Work with offshore payment systems
On the Internet, it is customary to work with offshore electronic payment systems such as Perfect Money, Advcash, Bitcoin and others. Work with conventional systems such as Qiwi, Yandex, WebMoney, as well as with banks is not welcome. These systems like to block project wallets, and they do not receive payments as quickly as offshore payments.

18. Do not wait for the connection of payment systems convenient for you
Quite often, projects begin to work with any one payment system. It serves for the smooth development of hype, so that not a lot of money is invested at the start. Other systems are connected gradually: for example, after a week or a month. So, invest right from the system that is available!
No need to think: “Once the project accepts only Payeer, and I have nothing on it, then I’ll wait for Advcash to connect.” Exchange money and go better than waiting for the addition of a convenient payment.

19. Bypass the hyips, where they accept only cryptocurrency and at the same time convert deposits into dollars.
Why? The answer is simple, just count. Imagine that the Bitcoin exchange rate is $ 10,000, you invest a quarter of the cue ball and $ 2500 appears on your balance. Time passes, your contribution increases by 50%. But the cue ball course does not stand still and also rises by 50%. You bet the entire amount – $ 3,750. This amount is converted into a cue ball and you get, drum roll, your quarter cue ball! You invested, took risks and waited only for your money to be returned to you! And if the cue ball rate grows by 60%, by 100%? Then you will also remain in the red!

I repeat, the paragraph refers to projects that accept only cryptocurrency. If hype accepts dollar payments and converts deposits through crypto into dollars, then invest through dollar payments!

20. Do not ignore the work with your sponsor
A good sponsor will always answer your questions, give advice, help put all the dots on the “I” at the entrance to the project, since he already works there. Feel free to contact.

Raising money in HYIP is not an easy task, and only with a competent approach and following all the rules can success be achieved.

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