How to lose your deposit


To invest in fasts

The high-yield project industry is changing very fast. The next month is no longer similar to the previous one and dictates new investment rules. Some changes are more important, and some less.
Let’s remember what happened before, and what we all came to.
Previously, the trend was the so-called social projects. For the most part, they offered long-term plans for the year without the possibility of early withdrawal. Such projects have worked for years, held conferences and webinars, had public leadership and attracted a large number of networkers who built their careers there. Simpler HYIPs were considered slag at that time.
Firstly, no one was tricky, and secondly, such projects were easy to analyze. I do not want to say that now there are no such projects, just now they have become out of trend. Dozens of fasts and middlemen are issued for one social one.
Over time, the creators of hype realized that the average investor always wants to earn more and faster. Then the middle men entered the arena. Indeed, why wait for the return of the deposit for six months if you can break even in a month?
There was already a non-public guide, only anonymous payment systems were connected, legends were invented for show, networkers did not go here. And yesterday’s slag turned out to be in trend, it was worth only buying more advertising.
At the same time, the fasts were considered slag. They were advertised on social networks, they were played in kopecks, and generally no one took them seriously.
And what do we see now? Admins again realized that investors want more and faster and shifted their focus to fasts.
Now the trend is projects with circles up to 10 days. Often they collect more per day than middle men per month and make a profit in the same proportion. And where there is a trend, there are most of all scammers (in our case, scammers).

What conclusions does the admin-scammer make from the current situation

  • Fasts are not amenable to any analysis. That is, projects from the scammer and the ideological admin outwardly will not be any different.
  • Fasts are easy to create. It does not need large costs, such projects can be created at least every day, especially if all processes are debugged.
  • Investors are actively involved in projects with good plans. The more attractive the plans, the more money you can raise. Plans for 2-5 days with a yield of more than 150% per month and a deposit included in payments from an unfamiliar admin – if I see such a project, I conclude that this is a scam.
  • And most often I am right.
    Such projects are now in trend. Therefore, the risk of losing profit is minimal.

So what is the fastest way to lose your money

That’s right, if you see a project with very attractive plans, don’t know anything about the admin, go into it, then the risk of losing your money tends to 100%.

But then how not to lose money

If you want to invest and make money on fasts, then the only way not to lose a deposit is to work with trusted admins. No other analysis works here.

But the fact is that, since the admin is anonymous, the ordinary investor does not know anything about him and can not use this approach. But there is good news, I keep statistics on the work of each admin with whom I collaborated or plan to cooperate and in each of my reviews I write whether I worked with him or not, and as previous projects showed themselves.

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