How to invest in ripple


How to invest in ripple

Investing is a rather risky type of activity, however, if an investor knows what he is doing, he can make a profit.
Currently, there are a huge number of areas in which you can invest.

One of the most popular are cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will talk about a specific crypto asset – Ripple and how to invest in it.
This cryptocurrency stands out among others for several reasons, which will also be discussed in this article.
After all, it is important to understand what exactly money is invested in. In addition, the article will tell you all about buying cryptocurrency – how, where and why.
Upon completion of reading the article, the trader will know not only how to invest in Ripple and where to buy it, but also about all the pitfalls associated with this cryptocurrency.

What is ripple? Not everyone knows that this is the name of the company that developed the cryptocurrency, and not the coin itself.
Coin is called XRP, but everyone is already used to calling it Ripple. In this article we will call a coin as well.
So, Ripple is a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin or lightcoin in structure and technical information. However, Ripple is sometimes called the “Bitcoin killer.” Why?
Firstly, the Ripple network is much faster and one of the goals of the creation was to perform faster transactions than on the Bitcoin network with the same (or even higher) level of security.
As for the nickname ‘Bitcoin killer,’ it is due to the fact that Riple is expected to increase capitalization and occupy higher positions on this indicator than Bitcoin.
Despite the fact that for a long time it was only speculation, Riple managed to climb to second place on this indicator and hold it for some time.

As a result, the cryptocurrency could not hold its position, however, it cannot be said that it strongly “sank” and still remains in the top ten most popular.
The uniqueness of this coin lies in the fact that it differs from most popular cryptocurrencies.
Ripple was created by a private company with the goal of making a profit (unlike other open source projects). This alone gives rise to a lot of speculation on the topic of the coin itself and its future.

Now, after we talked about what Ripple is, let’s move directly to investing in this cryptocurrency.

How to invest in ripple

As you can see, this coin has quite interesting price movements. It all started with a very low cost, like most other cryptocurrencies.
For a long time, almost nothing unusual is noted on the chart. And then there is a sharp explosive growth, during the period when most other cryptocurrencies grew.
At the peak, the price of cryptocurrency almost reached $ 4 per coin. And it was really a lot, if you compare the price of the same coin six months before growth.
At the end of 2017, however, Riple fell amid a general downtrend. Price dropped to $ 0.53.
Even after such a fall, the network is still functioning. Moreover, price growth has begun.
Naturally, price growth is still minimal, but it may mean a new beginning for the coin. And against this background, it can be assumed that the time is coming for investments in cryptocurrency.

Method 1 – Purchase

So how to start investing in this coin? It must be purchased. And it’s not a joke. Many people often forget, but the easiest way to start investing in Ripple is to purchase this coin.
Let’s say a trader buys 100 XRP at the time of writing this article. As a result, he will pay $ 50. Then you just have to wait.
If the investor has a lot of time and is in no hurry, such a strategy is the best option for investment.
Naturally, this is a long-term investment, but the profit can be significant.
Imagine that after 5 years, the value of Ripl will increase to $ 8 per unit. And there is nothing impossible. Some speculate that a coin may cost even higher.
In this case, having invested only $ 50, the trader will receive $ 1600 in five years without doing anything else.

Naturally, this type of investment is risky enough, since no one knows how much Ripple will cost in the future.
But at the same time, this approach is also the simplest. Although, when it comes to Ripple, everything is somewhat more complicated than with other cryptocurrencies.
The fact is that you can’t buy a coin for fiat money like the US dollar or the euro.
The fact is that in order to invest in Ripple, you need to purchase another cryptocurrency (preferably bitcoin) and then, through bitcoin, purchase the necessary amount of XRP cryptocurrency.
Of course, this is more difficult than buying cryptocurrency for US dollars, but not so much.
Where to buy ripple? You can consider the exchange, which is one of the best options for acquiring this cryptocurrency.
The exchange was created in Europe and offers quality user support, high transaction speed, as well as transaction security.
Many traders believe that this particular exchange is the best place to buy ripple.

Method 2 – investing in companies and startups

This method is less common, but also allows you to invest in cryptocurrency. Over the past few years, a lot of projects in this area have appeared.
Over time, more and more private investors pay attention to this industry and this leads to the emergence of new interesting ideas.
All this often manifests itself in the emergence of new projects that produce a kind of revolution in this area.
This method is really not as popular as buying a cryptocurrency directly, but investing in companies and startups related to the crypto industry can increase your potential income.
As noted above, Ripple is a centralized network, as its creators fully control it and set the rules of the game.
Currently, the total number of coins is 100 billion in the market. The system works according to the following principle.
As soon as you conduct a transaction with XRP, the number of coins in circulation is reduced by the size of your transaction.
That is, the number of coins in circulation is constantly reduced, which positively affects the value of cryptocurrency.
Moreover, this means that no one can mine Ripple. Moreover, no one can fake a coin.
All you need to do is invest in a startup that can one day make a profit. Cryptostarts can be different, some really succeed.
At first glance, all this seems complicated, but after analyzing and connecting deduction, you can select several companies.
If a startup makes a profit, you can invest in Ripple. In fact, this is one of several methods of investing in cryptocurrency.
Buying and holding coins can make a profit in the long run. But do not stop there. Many new projects appear on the market.

Future ripple

Now you know how to invest in Ripple, but is it worth it?

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and this leaves a certain imprint of complexity on the analysis of their value.
Some cryptocurrencies have certain trends, while others have complete chaos on the chart. And ripple is no exception.
Of course, the project was created by the company, which avoids some speculation. At the same time, it is difficult to talk about the company’s prospects.
According to the plans of the company, ripple should increase in price.

People are always interested in exclusive things and this should be the main factor why the cost of Ripla may be higher in the future.
Nevertheless, despite the fact that this cryptocurrency is special (if compared with other cryptocurrencies taking into account their structure), we should not forget about the possibility of a bubble.
After all, we are talking about a market where developers can hardly do anything with price or distribution.
In any case, positive news about cryptocurrency is constantly appearing. All this attracts those who again want to profit from hype, including enthusiasts.
All of this can lead to a new wave of interest in Riple. Many analysts, owners of blogs and sites today write that a turning point has come for this cryptocurrency.
From here, XRP growth can begin. Those who think about whether to invest in this cryptocurrency or not should pay attention to this information.

Brief Summary

And now let’s go through briefly again on the main points described in the article. Ripple is a centralized network, similar in structure to Bitcoin and Litecoin.
The project was created by a private company in the expectation of profit from the coin.
The main advantages of the network are speed and security. Also, Ripple is widely represented in the market, and online transactions are carried out without any problems.
The lack of decentralization makes it impossible to mine on the network, or to receive coins in any other way than buying. For some potential users, this presents certain problems.
On the other hand, the network operation process is more transparent. Given that you can only get a coin through a purchase, the investor focuses solely on the analytical aspect.
If you plan to invest in Ripple, visit various sites and forums. Also, you can get acquainted with expert opinions, analyze trends, etc.


Ripple is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies, as it has unique properties and is of interest to many potential investors and enthusiasts.
In the cryptocurrency community, there is an opinion that if a coin represents a certain benefit, it will eventually reach the top no matter how difficult it is.
Given the fact that Ripple has advantages and the network can be used in the real economy, it can be assumed that the coin will continue to grow further.
And the last thing about news speculation. It is important to understand that this is nothing more than speculation.
No one knows for sure whether Riple or any other cryptocurrency will grow in the future or fall without a chance of recovery. And if someone says that he probably knows, then he will lie.
You should always be skeptical of all sorts of speculations, conjectures and forecasts. Conduct your own market research and create your own opinion.

In addition, it is important to learn how to manage finances. It is not worth investing more than you can lose.

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