How to invest in HYIPs without risk


Investment strategy for totally unlucky

As for investing in high-yield projects, here you can highlight a few opinions.

  1. Some people think that in HYIPs everything is 100% dependent only on luck.
  2. Experienced investors insist that a risk diversification strategy be followed.
  3. Project admins and some referrals praise their project and say that you need to invest a large amount in it and not in any other.

Of course, empirically it has long been proven that the most risky strategy is precisely the diversification of risks. But, nevertheless, the following questions remain: “Why do I need to make contributions to different hypes and not spend more time searching for one of the most reliable projects?”, “How can I divide contributions as efficiently as possible?”, “What is the general chance to lose everything Money? ”,“ How to minimize risks? ”,“ Is there an ideal system for working with hype? ”

You need to understand that high-yield investment projects are too diverse to bring them to the same denominator. But we will try to take one of the types of hypes and explore it using Excel, mathematics and common sense.

Why is it impossible to keep all the eggs in one basket

For investment projects, built on the principle of the pyramids, the people entrenched the glory of the most risky way to invest money, because people have already lost their money in them more than once. But why is this happening?

I think the reason is that people simply don’t have enough investment literacy and they don’t know about risk diversification. Instead, they trust the referral, who is interested in making the investor make the maximum contribution to his proposed project. Of course, he extols hype, claims that he is the most reliable, and also assures that there are zero risks.

Having taken a high interest, a person makes a big contribution, maybe even takes money on credit. And then it all depends on fortune. Someone discourages their contribution and makes significant profits, while someone loses everything.

This approach is fundamentally wrong, because in this case nothing will depend on you. It is impossible to predict how long hype will last. Only the founders of the project will know the true information and they, of course, will keep it secret until the last. How to turn from a simple observer, 100% dependent on fate, into an investor, competently managing risks?
 1 is the worst number.
I do not know whose phrase this is. I have heard it many times and have recognized its applicability in most areas of life. Do not depend on one source of income, on one partner, on one employee, on one source of advertising, etc. If you understand the meaning of this phrase and ponder, you can apply it in your life.

Well, of course, you can not make investments in only one project. Including hype.

We minimize risks

As I have already said, highly profitable investment projects are very diverse, therefore, in this article we will consider classic highs, which are not very popular now. These will be mid-percent with eternal contributions, because in more profitable projects with short plans there are other risks and more complex calculations are required.

I’ll clarify that the average percentage hype in question has a yield of 20-35% per month and pays off in 4-5 months. The deposit is included in the payments. Most likely, not all of them will work long enough to recapture your investment. But at the same time, if you make several contributions to different projects, even closing 50% of them will not turn into a disaster.

Of course, theory, calculations and mathematical models are not always 100% applicable in practice. But before starting a business, it is customary to calculate a business plan, the production of a new device is preceded by drawings and calculations. And I’m sure that before the construction of the Hadron Collider, thousands of theoretical calculations were carried out. So we will start with this.
After that, we calculate the profitability for different scenarios, and then try to apply the strategy of replenishing deposits. What is its essence?

We learn that the project has become chamfered after the interest for the past week has not been transferred to us. In this case, the number of our contributions is reduced. But you can prevent their reduction, and immediately throw a new contribution of 10,000 rubles into the new project, again restoring the number of deposits to 10.
Let’s see what happens.

Differences between theory and practice

  • We got a spherical horse in a vacuum. In the calculations, the indicators are average and projects will be benchmarked after an equal period of time. Of course, the picture of individual investors may differ significantly from what is written on paper, but the average temperature in the hospital should still tend to the result of the calculations.
  • Where to get so many high-quality average percentages? This is really problematic, especially now, when investors prefer shorter plans and higher returns. But, nevertheless, classic hyips with eternal plans and moderate profitability are still enough.
  • Higher profitability. Recently, projects with higher returns, shorter plans and, correspondingly, higher risks have been trending. For them, the calculations published above will be less fair than for average interest-holders with unlimited deposits.


The strategy described in the article does not claim to be the best and most universal, but the calculations presented here can give food for thought and show curious readers why it is worth making contributions to different projects, and not to one.

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