How to increase your luck in HYIP investing


How to increase your luck in HYIP investing

It would seem that all the hype investors are on an equal footing, sooner or later they will deceive us all, they want to cash in on us all.
But luck is a controlled process.

There are a number of tips that can increase your luck in HYIP investing.

You need to understand that the admins of projects that seek to quickly cash in on investors are also people and nothing human is alien to them, and this can and should be used.

Show courtesy and gratitude

Write a polite letter to the admins. Describe your joy that there is such a project as this, that you are glad to cooperate, that you will tell everyone and everything and bring hundreds of new customers.

Despite the fact that you write to support or to administrators, offer your own help: “If you need help, I’m always ready to help, write a review, participate in a survey, etc.”
Ask to inform about new projects and promotions and so on.

Firstly, admins may feel sorry for such a good person. There were cases that some people were warned about the project scam in advance.

Secondly, you can show yourself as an experienced and promising client who, by his activity, can attract them to their projects (which you asked to be informed about), including new ones. Competent ‘entrepreneurs’ understand the benefits of loyalty and prospects over a one-time gain.

Be active

Be active in forums, monitoring, start a blog and use the same login everywhere so that it becomes familiar. Believe me, administrators actively monitor the opinion of the community in order to get more, close on time and so on.

Write about each of your replenishment and conclusion, if you do not know what to write.
You create activity, such topics and blogs attract customers and, accordingly, money in projects. You are useful for projects, and they can thank you.

Never write a negative

There is no use in negativity, you will not achieve anything with this, but also spend your nerves and bring more negativity to an already full of negativity world.

Write a positive. Write about what a cool design, conditions and so on. Even if the project was closed, write how cool it was, how it gave you the opportunity to earn money, write that you will be happy to go to participate in the next HYIP of these admins.

Maybe the project will not pay you all the money, but there are facts of the return of the deposit without interest to such wonderful people, or maybe you will be offered some interesting bonus from the company and the like.

Do not beg

It was said several times above that admins can give you a bonus, pay money after scam, or at least return a deposit, but this is their own decision. There is no need to ask them about it, just as there is no need to whimper “please return my money” and the like.

Instead, as in the first tip, write after SCAM: “Thank you for the opportunity to make some good money, do not forget to invite me to your next project”.

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