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Admin hype project

Sooner or later, scam occurs in the work of each hype project, after which some investors calculate profits, while others record losses. Those participants who lose a lot of money sometimes try to find an admin to punish or at least get their money back. Often, VKontakte or Telegram groups are created with the name “affected by such and such a project”, where people suffer together and try to find admins.

But is it possible and worth the effort? I suggest in this article to talk about how to find the admin hype, and is there any sense in this?

Are admins hiding

It’s no secret that hype (especially those that work on the principle of a financial pyramid) are outlawed, so their admins must hide their face and sweep all traces. This is a mandatory precaution that only very green admins can ignore.

Almost all admins hide their faces from investors, so do not believe the photos presented on the site and the people who appear as CEOs of companies in the videos. These are dummies – bought actors who just play their part. In the hype industry, such a character is called a “talking head,” and no one ever perceives their stories at face value.

Fake documents

If the hype administrators used their documents to register a domain, company or office, then they could be calculated in a matter of minutes. But they, of course, do not go for such stupidity and use fake documents. Therefore, if you are thinking about how to find the admin hype according to the documents, then be prepared that instead of the villain who stole your money, you will find a fake drop.

Where do admins get their documents from? A lot of effort is not required for this, because in order to scan the documents of some homeless person, a small presentation is enough. In addition, you can use the services of individuals or studios that sell documents via the Internet, or even carry out all the necessary registrations.

Let’s not forget that the admin can have a whole database of passports, which the depositors themselves have kindly provided to him. Many projects on the eve of scams introduce various verification or offer bonuses to those who provide their documents.

And since not all investors know that they need to keep their passports with them and not show them to anyone, they often catch the bait of the administrator and provide him with false documentation for many years to come.

Hosting registration

Theoretically, information about the site owner can be obtained from the hosting provider. In extreme cases, you can complain about the resource, which will lead to its blocking.

But in the hype industry, this scheme does not work, since administrators use bulletproof hosting. If a regular provider already after the first complaint that the site is a financial pyramid, blocking follows, then bulletproof hosting, in principle, does not respond to any complaints. Even if they will receive a hundred a day, the provider wanted to sneeze for it.

The list of such hosts loyal to hype is well known to administrators and investors, so only a completely inexperienced manager can resort to the services of another provider. As a rule, a hype working on a non-bulletproof hosting is doomed to become a fast-scam, because its work will stop long before the admin decides to drop investors.

 How do admins hide

If you set yourself the task of finding an admin hype, then it is very likely that the idea came to you to calculate the villain by IP. Maybe someone can be calculated this way, but definitely not a hype administrator. In hiding their real IP addresses, admins are real professionals.

Experienced admins who have already eaten the dog in pyramid construction can go to another country for the duration of the hype’s work, change their place of residence, and even get rid of the equipment so as not to leave any evidence.

Anonymity and confidentiality for them in the first place, therefore, without a VPN or TOR, not a single manager goes to the global network. And if the administrator hid under the VPN chain or used the Darknet trick and sits through TOR, then it is simply impossible to find his real IP.

Do not also think that you can calculate the creator of hype on pages on social networks. Again, in 99% of cases this is fake accounts, and completely left-wing people who know no more about the admin can administer the project groups. Well, if the administrator advertised his fund through a telegram account, then you can’t find his traces even with the help of the valiant police.

How to find the admin hype project

If, after reading the article up to this point, you still have not left the thought of how to find the admin hype, then you will have to disappoint.

In fact, there is practically no chance of finding the creator of the project, unless he has ignored the basic principles of anonymity. Admins are initially configured on a kidok after a while. And anonymity is well taken care of.
They are well aware that there may be statements to the police or searches by evil investors, and they are prepared in advance.
Today, there are a lot of articles on the Internet on how to create a hype and not suffer from this, because even new admins know the basic principles of caution. They carefully observe anonymity and somehow figure out such a conspirator is extremely complicated and sometimes simply unrealistic.

Imagine how many hyips are launched daily, and none of their councils has been convicted and punished in all severity of the law. Only “too stupid administrators who give themselves away, or those who launch projects that are too loud and shine with their own face on TV, fall’ under attack ‘. In other cases, the cost of administrator searches will be many times higher than your deposit, so there is no point in this.

If admins are hiding, how do bloggers find trusted admins?
This question was raised after the publication of the article. Admins are encrypted as a real person, and as Internet characters, they are not always. They can write from one contact on different projects, but this does not cancel their anonymity as real people: VPN chains, etc.

To draw parallels about past projects is possible for participants who do not communicate with administrators – simple mindfulness helps. But again, after calculating at least 5 projects from one creator, you will not know his name or address. Unless they made mistakes from the subtitle below.

Exceptions to the Rules

Nevertheless, a small percentage of administrators get what they deserve and not always in the form of imprisonment – sometimes even the depositors themselves find them and here they already operate outside the framework of the current legislation. For which, by the way, they themselves can sit down. Indeed, from the outside it will look like extorting real money from a person in exchange for Perfect Money sent by you to the “candy wrapper” project. And in the agreement that you sign when registering in the funds, there are a lot of interesting points. So even here the law is more on the side of admins.

Only a very stupid or arrogant pyramid builder refers to a negligible percentage of loser admins who can be tracked down, who, without a twinge of conscience, administer directly at home, from a personal laptop, without any means of anonymity. Such unfortunate managers can shine with their pages on social networks and even use their own documents for registration and verification.

But, as you know, such fools are very, very few. Either they are already in places not so distant, as they had the intelligence to accept funds on their cards, or their projects are so insignificant that nobody cares.


Finding the admin hype is a complex and expensive task. The time and finances spent on such a search will exceed many times the lost funds, so in most cases this does not make sense. It remains only to recall: invest exclusively the money that you can afford to lose. Do not take loans, diversify your portfolio and choose promising projects so that after scam you do not have to rack your brains on how to find an admin and get your money back.

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