How to exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate


How to exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate

If you are interested in trading in cryptocurrency, then sooner or later the question will become relevant for you – how and where to exchange cryptocurrency at the best rates, what to look for.

On the Internet, a kind of price indicator is the CoinMarketCap service, which publishes the average statistical prices for all types of cryptocurrencies.

However, each exchange on which trading is carried out sets its prices.

Rather, the market dictates its pricing, and the CoinMarketCap service focuses on these data from different exchanges.

There are cases when, say, on EXMO, the price of Bitcoin was $ 14,000, and on BitStamp – $ 20,000.

That is, the difference can be very significant. How not to cheapen, and always be aware of the best prices for buying and selling?

The best cryptocurrency exchanges

Below we would like to introduce you to the most interesting exchanges that are ideal for trading cryptocurrency assets.


The advantages of the site should include

  • Huge selection of cryptocurrency pairs;
  • The presence of additional projects: landing, margin trading, other projects;
  • High level of security;
  • Highest trading volume;
  • Good liquidity due to the huge market audience;
  • The opportunity to make a profitable deposit and get a loan;
  • The ability to launch their IEO projects;
  • Possibilities of easy replenishment of balance from a bank card;
  • A good selection of trading tools and options for analysis and forecasting.

How to exchange cryptocurrency on the Binance platform?
You can do this by choosing the version of the trading window that suits you

  • Basic.
  • Advanced.

The form is standard, and differs little from similar formats on other exchanges.

You can place an order

  1. By limit;
  2. On the market.

In the first case, you yourself set the price at which you want to buy or sell the asset, in the second you can buy or sell cryptocurrency at the current price.


The following factors are among the advantages of the Bitfinex exchange.

  • Huge selection of assets;
  • Margin trading;
  • The presence of mobile clients;
  • Good volume for trade;
  • The possibility of trading cryptocurrency derivatives.


The indisputable advantages of the EXMO exchange include the following factors.

  • Constant replenishment of listing on the exchange.
  • High level of protection. Note that for the entire time of its existence, the exchange has never been hacked, although even Binance was already under the threat of DDOS attacks.
  • The appearance of its token in the listing, the name is EXM.
  • The potential emergence of margin trading. They plan to introduce it in 2020.
  • The ease of the interface, which even untrained users can understand.
  • Cryptocurrency quick exchange function.
  • A good selection of trading functions and options.

To summarize

What to choose – exchange or exchanger? You can try both options, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Nevertheless, the exchange is more suitable for those who want to save money, who need active cryptocurrencies at hand.

Exchangers are more suitable for investors who do not want to put their assets into circulation, but simply invest for the long term.



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