How to earn Ethereum (ETH)


All methods of earning cryptocurrency Ethereum (Ethereum) with investments and at no cost

Ethereum (Ethereum, Ethereum, ETH) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on an updated blockchain system. It is considered to be a profitable option for long-term investments and in terms of popularity is second only to Bitcoin, but unlike it today has a lower cost. Due to the ever-growing exchange rate and demand for Ethereum, many Internet users seek to earn these coins. To become the owner of Ether, you can use several options for earning without financial investments. And, if you need to increase the amount of existing cryptocurrency, it is much more profitable to resort to methods that require certain investments.

Ethereum cryptocurrency features

Everyone can receive and use Ethereum as an electronic monetary asset. You can transfer any amount to ETH all over the world, while all financial transactions are carried out almost anonymously, quickly and with a minimum commission. The great advantage of Ethereum, like any one based on the principle of decentralization of cryptocurrency, is its complete independence.

It is believed that regardless of the attempts of any states to take this money under control, they will not obey any laws and under the influence of prohibitions can only temporarily weaken. At the same time, the depreciation of the ETH rate will be short-term, and in the long term it should grow.

Such fluctuations in the course have already occurred several times – after the collapse, there always followed a jump upward, and many times exceeding the drop.
At the peak of popularity (in early 2018), the cost of one unit of Ethereum exceeded $ 1,000. After that, the rate began to decline and by the end of 2018 amounted to a little more than $ 100 for 1 ETH. Then growth began again, and in just six months the price increased 2.5 times. Such significant fluctuations in value over short periods of time make it very profitable to trade this cryptocurrency on the exchange. But for this you need to first purchase a certain amount of coins and carefully understand the process itself, since you can earn Ethereum by trading only with the right choice of the time of purchase and sale in order to profit from the difference in the rate.

In fact, Ethereum earnings on exchanges is considered almost the most real and very significant. However, it requires investment, therefore, in addition to trading skills and knowledge, financial resources will be required here. Start-up capital can be bought on the same exchanges during the period of decline in value, and even better – to earn money, since the earnings of Ethereum without investments are available to every user.

Ways to earn Ethereum without investments

On the Internet, there are various services that allow you to earn Ethereum for free. At their core, they are the usual platforms for online earnings, but they make payments in Ether. These resources include:

  • Ethereum taps;
  • Games, lotteries, casinos;
  • Referral programs.

When calculating on all these sites, a smaller unit of measurement of Ethereum – Gwei, which is one billionth of it, is used.
The withdrawal can be carried out directly to the specified ethereum wallet address, but more often – to the FaucetHUB collector. In any case, before starting work, you need to register on the official website of the corresponding resource and bind its address to your account.

Ethereum Cranes

The easiest way to earn Ethereum without investing on cryptocurrency cranes. These are the special resources that pay for viewing ads and performing simple actions. The main thing is to find reliable services that allow you to not only earn, but also display the received coins.

The essence of the work of ethereum cranes is that such projects themselves receive income from increasing the number of users who viewed advertising banners or websites of advertisers. It is these advertisers who pay the cranes a fee for views, and they share part of the profit with those who wind these views.

In most cases, the user needs to not only look at the advertising pages, but also perform simple tasks:

  • Introduce captcha;
  • Follow links
  • Surf sites;
  • Run videos and ghjxtt.

A feature of working on ethereum cranes is that tasks in one account are not always there, but appear with a certain frequency – from 5 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore, those users who have time for constant work are recommended to register on several resources at once.

It should also be borne in mind that even Ethereum-taps with a good reputation can at any time cease payments or their existence in general. Therefore, the earned funds must be withdrawn to your wallet immediately after reaching the set limit for withdrawal. For the same reason, you should choose services with the minimum amount for the application or with direct crediting to the wallet for earning. As a rule, the cranes with the highest and most stable payments require binding to the FaucetHub platform.

Ethereum games, lotteries, casinos

Gamers and fans to play casinos or lotteries can become owners of cryptocurrencies without changing their usual activities, as you can earn Ethereum without investments in such interesting ways. For this, it is enough to use services based on blockchain technologies. Today, there are more than 70 games with prize payments in Ether, therefore there will be no choice restrictions for gaming enthusiasts.

Participation in the lottery can also be a way to earn money, but here profit is not always guaranteed. Most resources offer two draw options:

  1. Instant – you need to place a bet, select a code and wait for the result: if the code turns out to be winning, then the participant will receive a reward;
  2. Circulation – tickets are bought here, and then a winning one is selected among them.

The size of the prize fund depends on the rates of the participants or the number of tickets purchased.

The online casinos work the same way, where bets are accepted in Ethereum coins. The same currency is replenished and winnings are paid.

Referral Programs and ETH

Almost every Ether earning resource is interested in its advertising and promotion, therefore, it offers its participants special programs to attract new users. For this purpose, each of them immediately after registration is assigned a referral link or code.

All new members who follow and register by link (or enter a code) become referrals. And the owner of the link – the referrer – will receive interest on the amount of their earnings. Thus, if you attract a lot of friends to work in several projects, you can ensure yourself stable receipt of passive profit.

Thus, in order to get your first Ethereum coins, you need to look for options: how to do it without investments, and when the Ether cryptocurrency already appears – how to make money by investing it. It should be understood that earning money with investments is always riskier, but much more profitable.

Earning Ethereum with Attachments

Ethereum coins owned by you can be used for extra income in many ways. The most profitable of them are long-term or highly profitable investments and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition, there is another option – mining, which in turn is of two types:

  1. Classic – using the capacities of its equipment;
  2. Cloudy – at leased facilities.

It should be noted right away that due to the increased demand for cryptocurrency mining, the cost of equipment and software for classic mining has increased significantly, and its profitability, on the contrary, has decreased. Therefore, the initial costs of organizing mining in the best case pay off for a very long time, and in the worst, they do not pay off at all. For those who want to take a chance, you can try to mine Ethereum, but preferably with the less expensive – cloud mining.

Ethereum Classic Mining

For ETH mining by classic mining, you need to purchase a set of equipment, which at least includes:

  • A computer with an increased amount of RAM (at least 4 GB) and a powerful processor that can allocate 1 core for each video card;
  • The latest software with updated drivers;
  • High-performance graphics cards – at least four with a memory capacity of 2 GB or more;
  • High-quality cooling systems;
  • High speed internet;
  • OS from Windows7 and higher.

After assembling all the equipment, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Select a pool – a special server where mining is directly carried out;
  2. Install and configure the miner program created for the used video card and specifically for Ethereum mining;
  3. Enter the pool address, account number and other personal information in accordance with the requirements of the program;
  4. Activate the mining launch file.

Next, the cryptocurrency collection process will be performed on the machine. The computer should work around the clock and smoothly, only then the earnings of Ethereum will be relatively significant.

Mining itself is based on mathematical calculations with the generation of individual blocks containing a unique set of data, each of which confirms the conduct of transactions during its existence. A computer that finds such a unit receives a reward of 3 ETH. A new block on the Ethereum network appears every 15 seconds. The higher the power of the equipment involved in the operation, the greater the chances of receiving money.

To really make money on mining, many users create entire complexes – the so-called farms from several powerful video cards. At the same time, increased electricity bills should be added to the cost of hardware, since all equipment must work around the clock, performing calculations in a continuous mode.

ETH Cloud Mining

More affordable option for the average user to mine Ethereum coins, which does not require the cost of acquiring high capacities, has become cloud mining. With this type of earnings, each user rents equipment, choosing a certain computing power. Depending on its size, both profit and rental cost are determined. At the same time, eth also makes money on the machine – you just need to make a number of settings and connect to the remote farm.

In addition to less significant financial investments at the start, cloud mining has several more advantages over classical mining due to the absence of such unpleasant factors as:

  • The need for constant monitoring of equipment operation in order to avoid interruptions or interruptions in operation (even a second disconnection from the mining network excludes the miner from the number of miners in this block and allows you to connect only to the next one);
  • Increased consumption of electricity, which in intensive mode is spent on ensuring the functioning of constantly working equipment;
  • The presence of constant noise in the room and additionally generated heat from powerful machines.

Along with the advantages, cloud mining of Ethereum coins has a significant minus – a high risk of fraud both in terms of paying rent and in the distribution of coins mined. To minimize the chance of running into scammers, it is recommended to choose proven resources with a reputation confirmed by real reviews. A good option would be to work with services that provide the opportunity to try your hand at the bonus program, which provides short-term free participation in cloud mining. Such an approach will help determine whether it is profitable to engage in such earnings in general and whether it is worth buying a contract from this company.

Participation in the Ethereum ICO

ICO is the placement of cryptocurrencies in order to create a budget for the development of the project. When entering the exchange, the cost of Ethers purchased by ICO participating investors increases significantly, which brings them large profits. Therefore, buying coins in the ICO is considered a very profitable investment and the best option for earning.

To become a participant in the ICO, you need to create an official Ethereum wallet – MyEtherWallet, credit Ether to your account (buy or earn), and transfer a certain amount to the Ethereum wallet of the selected ICO project. An appropriate amount of tokens will be charged for this, which can then be sold on the exchange at a higher price.

Exchange Trading (Ether Trading)

Earning Ethereum on the exchange is another of the most profitable ways to mine cryptocurrency. The bottom line is to buy coins at the lowest cost (during the decline), and sell at the maximum (during the rise). However, such a process only at first glance seems simple and accessible to each user. In fact, before you earn Ether by trading (trading on the exchange), you need to carefully study all the nuances of this work, as well as constantly monitor the course and predict its fluctuations depending on economic, political and other factors. In addition, you need to choose a reliable exchange and understand the rules of work on it.

There are two types of exchanges for trading Ethereum:

  1. Ordinary cryptocurrency platforms where coins must first be bought and only then allowed to sell;
  2. Margin exchanges where you can immediately open transactions for the purchase or sale.

Also, exchanges differ in principle of operation:

  1. Some involve actions through a broker and through special programs;
  2. Others – allow you to make exchange operations inside the service after registration.

Another differences relate to the work strategy, which may be:

  1. Active – with transactions of purchase and sale over a specified period of time;
  2. Passive – with long-term storage of coins in the account and sale at the time of the maximum appreciation.

A passive strategy can bring a very significant profit only with significant amounts of investment. In addition, with this option, earnings should be counted on for a very long waiting period – up to several years. But the likelihood of a large income is very real.

Ethereum investments in high-yield projects and funds

Having a small amount of Ethers available, you can always invest them in Internet projects offering completely different investment conditions and risk level. Such projects include: cryptocurrency funds, mlm platforms, hyip, trust management and other investment portals with an average monthly return of 25-40%. And if we also take into account the fact that the cost of ETH can increase during the period of the deposit, the income level rises significantly, in terms of fiat currencies.

Of course, in order to choose a project for investment, first of all, you need to carefully analyze it, having read reviews on the Internet. And you should never rely only on your instincts, because no one ever knows what plans the administration of a fund has. All similar projects bring big profits, but very often close, not giving the opportunity to go into profit.

Affiliate programs with payment in ETH

Affiliate programs (“affiliate programs”) are a common option for online cooperation between those who want to promote their resource or product and those who can advertise (recommend) it, receiving a certain reward for this. One of the affiliate program options is the referral system described above, according to which the user leads referrals and receives interest on the amount of their earnings.

‘Net affiliate programs’ are based on the same principle, but are paid somewhat differently. In addition, in the field of cryptocurrency earnings, there is another kind of affiliate program – “bounty”, which involves the promotion of new ICO projects.

The main difference between an ordinary affiliate program and a bounty is in the resources promoted:

  • With partner programs, exchanges, cranes, gaming applications and all other Ethereum earning services that want to attract new users to their websites work with affiliate programs;
  • Bounty programs allow you to earn Ether or tokens by popularizing a new ICO project without investing in it.

In both cases, the same methods are used, including:

  1. Social marketing (advertising on social networks). To do this, subscribe to a page or group of the advertised resource, regularly put likes, create their own advertising posts, make retweets and reposts of partner publications. The more friends and subscribers a person who works on an affiliate or bounty, the higher will be the payment for each action.
  2. Placement of advertising messages and comments on thematic forums. To do this, you must be an active participant in these sites, since the solo publications of newcomers do not inspire confidence.
  3. Writing reviews and articles about the advertised project or service on your blog (website, social media page, etc.). The same publications can be posted on well-known cryptocurrency blogs.

Finding an Ethereum earning service for cooperation on an affiliate program is not difficult, since each of them is interested in advertising, and all the information is on the site. But you need to choose the ICO project for the bounty campaign more carefully to understand whether it makes sense to spend your time on it. The requirements for the tasks performed here may be too high in terms of volume and complexity, which will not allow to earn a sufficient amount of Ethereum.

At the same time, preference should be given to ICO projects in which the remuneration is not fixed, but is calculated as a percentage of the work performed.

You also need to understand that there is no guarantee that the startup will be successful and the services of the “advertisers” will be paid. If the necessary investment amounts are not found, then the ICO (and any other project) will fail, regardless of the quality of advertising events, which is fraught with non-payment of remuneration.

Another difference between an ordinary affiliate program and a bounty is that in the first case, an already working resource is being promoted, which regularly pays for attracting users. In the second, there is a project that is at the start-up stage, and its advertising campaign is paid only after successful completion, when managers will check the work of all participants and transfer tokens to wallets. Tokens can be used in the same way as Ethereum coins – transferred to exchanges, sold for any cryptocurrency or left to the maximum value increase, in order to later benefit.

Ethereum is attractive in that its rate can grow literally within a day. If you constantly monitor these fluctuations, you can make very good money on investments or trading. In any case, to make a profit, one must have special knowledge about the functioning of this currency and the possibilities that it has.

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