How to earn bitcoins using Android


All methods of making Bitcoin on Android, their advantages and disadvantages

The latest technology and the creation of the Internet have provided everyone with almost unlimited opportunities for remote earnings. And when digital currency began to gain popularity in the virtual space, even users who did not have a computer began to wonder what bitcoin was, how to start earning from Android or iOS, and whether it was possible to earn income by working on the phone. Given that some models of modern smartphones are equated with an ordinary PC in terms of technical characteristics, it is quite logical that special mobile applications for mining crypto coins with their help appeared. Especially a lot of such programs are created on the Android platform. And they appear on Google Play with stable regularity.

All ways: how to earn Bitcoins using Android

Before you start making bitcoins using Android, you first need to invest your own resources in this matter. In some cases, financial resources will be required, but mainly time and effort to understand all the available options and the details of their application.

To turn a smartphone into a tool for cryptocurrency mining, you need to select and install special programs. In general, all applications for making bitcoins on Android can be divided into the following groups:

  • Miners
  • Online Games;
  • Bitcoin taps
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and investment projects;
  • Partnership programs.

The indicated options can be used both individually and simultaneously. It all depends on the power of the device and its owner’s own capabilities. But it should be understood that even round-the-clock work on the phone will not bring significant profit, unless you invest in promising projects. But as a source of additional income such earnings are quite suitable.


Today, mining, which in its essence is the process of creating new bitcoins, has largely lost its relevance as a way to mine cryptocurrency. Even those miners who use entire mining farms for this, consisting of several super-powerful computers, no longer receive such high incomes as before. And if we talk about using a smartphone for these purposes, then you will earn the very minimum. But taking into account the fact that this process is carried out automatically, it is not worth completely eliminating this option of earnings. (But if you have a home PC, you can also earn revenue in Bitcoin on a computer by pooling or using the cloud-based crypto mining option.)

The work algorithm consists of the following actions:

  • Downloading a mining program for earning bitcoins on Android;
  • Registering and connecting the phone to the cloud server;
  • The utility is launched and the collection of crypto coins begins.

In this case, the smartphone should be constantly on and working at full capacity. Only in this case, you can count on a relatively good income.

Online Games

In this type of earnings, cryptocurrencies pay for the demonstrated game skill and the achievement of certain results. It is ideal for gamers who spend a lot of time playing games in the virtual space, because, in addition to pleasure, it will now be possible to get benefits. Moreover, Android offers in this regard much more features than iOS, since it provides a wider selection of bitcoin games.

Earn a lot of crypto coins here also does not work. But if the user regularly plays games, it remains only to choose those gaming applications that involve payment in bitcoin. Then even a small profit will be a pleasant bonus for the time spent in the game.

Bitcoin Faucets

Special sites that pay with crypto coins for viewing ads, clicks on it and entering captcha are called bitcoin faucets. Collecting Satoshi for performing the simplest actions on such taps is a pretty interesting way to replenish your cryptocurrency wallet.

Before you can earn bitcoins using your Android phone and bitcoin faucet, you need to install the appropriate application and go through a simple registration procedure. After that, it remains to go to the service with a certain frequency (new tasks appear every 15-30 minutes), perform the indicated actions and receive cryptocurrencies for them.

Most of these services have the opportunity to increase their income by playing online games for the Satoshi earned. But here there is a possibility of loss, and then profit, on the contrary, will decrease.

But it’s guaranteed that you can earn more if you participate in the referral program, which is offered on almost every bitcoin tap. For this, a registered user is assigned a referral code or link. If he attracts new participants for them, he will constantly receive a percentage of their earnings.
When choosing a Bitcoin faucet, you need to carefully evaluate its reliability, since the Android platform offers them in large numbers and almost indiscriminately. It is important to evaluate the reality of the proposed amount of earnings (an average of 200-300 Satoshi per task) and the established limit on the withdrawal of earned funds. If these parameters are too high, then you should not trust such a resource. Also a good indicator are user reviews. But in order to find real ones, you need to look not at the site itself, but at thematic forums.

Crypto exchanges and investment projects

The option of trading on electronic exchanges is suitable for those who already own a certain amount of digital currency. To participate in the auction, you need not only to download a special application on Android, but also at least a little to navigate in matters of trading. In addition, in order to profitably sell and buy bitcoins, making a profit on the fluctuation of the rate, you need to understand the rules of the exchange and constantly monitor the change in the value of the cryptocurrency.

If there is no desire or opportunity to delve into these issues, you can act through a broker. But he will have to pay a certain percentage of the profits. But the risks of losses will be minimized.

When considering investment projects, crypto funds, ico, hyip, and others, you first need to competently approach the choice, because here you can earn without your own investments except on affiliate programs, but very large amounts. Before investing the necessary amount of money, be sure to read the reviews about the project and, preferably, find yourself a good partner who will prompt you with the necessary information.

Partnership programs

The affiliate program is mainly earned by the owners of well-developed websites, blogs, pages and groups on social networks. The essence of the work is to post on your resources links to all these services. If you have many subscribers or high traffic, it will not be difficult to achieve a large number of clicks on these links. Namely, for this, crypto coins are paid by advertisers.

Affiliate programs do not require the expenditure of effort, time and money, since all this has already been invested in the creation and promotion of your resource. Now it remains only to add links to consistently receive passive income in BTC from scratch.

Choosing an Android smartphone to work

Not every phone is suitable for all these methods of bitcoin mining. Indeed, in order for the real earnings of bitcoins on Android to be relatively high, it is necessary to install and simultaneously launch several diverse applications. And this significantly increases the load on the processor, which has to serve very voluminous programs. The battery is also loaded too much, because the phone should work almost around the clock or at least half a day.

Depending on the chosen methods of making bitcoin, a smartphone must meet the following requirements:

  • If you plan to earn cryptocurrencies using online games, you need to choose a gadget with a good large display that allows you to fully see the game interface;
  • When working on crypto exchanges and bitcoin faucets, reliable protection of personal data will be required, providing additional security;
  • For mobile mining, only extremely powerful devices are suitable, for example, having 8 cores and a 4000 mAh battery;
  • A prerequisite for the normal operation of any application for making bitcoins on Android is high-speed Internet.

If you combine all these requirements, you will need a powerful, productive smartphone with a large display, a capacious battery and a reliable protection system. The problem is that devices with these characteristics are not cheap. And using them in hard mode can lead to a quick failure. At the same time, you’ll earn not such a significant amount so that you can buy a new gadget for it.

All this does not mean that you need to refuse to earn bitcoins on Android. You just need to find the optimal solution and choose the option that will not overload the phone or take up a lot of extra time from the owner, but at the same time will make it possible to earn quite real amounts.

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