How to earn Bitcoins using an ios phone


All ways to earn Bitcoin on iPhone and iPad

The topic of bitcoin earnings in recent years has become much more active, despite the fact that the main peak of the popularity of collecting cryptocurrencies has already passed. The decrease in profitability in this area is due to the fact that the more people participate in this process, the less each of them receives, because the amount of digital money is strictly limited. But since you can literally play bitcoins using your iOS phone, interest in this option for making extra profit is steadily growing. A big plus at the same time is that the developers of Apple software, although they offer their users a limited number of necessary applications, but unlike Android, add them to the AppStore very carefully and only after a thorough check. Therefore, you can download and work on them without fear, although we recommend checking reviews and the applications themselves very carefully.

Modern iPhone models have excellent technical characteristics that allow you to use them as a reliable tool for making cryptocurrencies. The main indicator in most cases is the power of the gadget, since it is this parameter that most affects the amount of earned bitcoins, not only on mobile devices, but also on computers.

In any case, it is important to understand that it is not entirely correct to talk about any income in bitcoins (except for large investments), since the cost of one such monetary unit already exceeds $ 10 thousand (at the time of publication of the article). For this reason, Satoshi is used for payments on the Internet – a small part of one Bitcoin equal to a hundred millionth share.

In addition to the power of the phone, it is important to take into account other parameters, depending on which earnings options will be used. For example, for bitcoin games, you need a large screen on which the entire interface will be clearly visible, otherwise it will be quite difficult to win Satoshi. And since you can earn bitcoins using iOS not only on the phone (iPhone), but also on the tablet (iPad), which is a portable mini-computer, if you have a choice, it is better to give preference to the second option. Of course, in its capabilities, the iPad is incomparable with a full-fledged PC, but it significantly expands the possibilities for mining bitcoins.

IOS applications that can be installed on any device, as mentioned above, all of them are tested by the developers of the company before adding to the AppStore. But everyone should be chosen taking into account its effectiveness, as well as the characteristics of the gadget and its own capabilities. It is important to understand that most of the options for earning on an iPhone involve a considerable investment of time, and some of them will require financial investments. Therefore, before earning bitcoins on an iOS phone, you need to adequately evaluate your resources, otherwise any, even the most useful application will not generate income if it is idle.

Options: how to earn bitcoins using an ios phone

Almost all options for mining bitcoins are available for owners of iOS phones and tablets, except for classic mining, since it requires such high power that even ordinary PCs do not. The remaining methods are quite suitable, but in most cases they will bring less income than when working on a computer. Therefore, use iPhones and iPads should only be an additional source of profit.

You can earn bitcoins on iOS in the following ways:

  • Mining through cloud mining;
  • Collect on bitcoin faucets;
  • Win online games
  • Resell on the stock exchange;
  • Receive for participation in affiliate and referral programs.

Store earned crypto coins only in a reliable bitcoin wallet, open on the official website. Such wallets can be installed on your gadget by downloading from the AppStore. Here are a couple of reliable and proven BTC wallets for everyday use:

  • Blockchain wallet;
  • Coinbays wallet.

It is extremely important to withdraw funds earned on any resource to this wallet immediately after reaching the established minimum. Otherwise, if the service stops working or suspends payments, then all the remaining crypto coins on your personal account will disappear.

Cloud mining

Mining is the first and main way to mine bitcoin. On a global scale, it is during the mining process that new coins are created, but to participate in this process requires super-powerful hardware and expensive software. Using phones, tablets and even regular PCs, mining a cryptocurrency in a classic way will not work. Therefore, for ordinary users, an alternative was proposed – cloud mining.

The essence of the work is that the computing power of individual devices is rented on remote servers. Phones collected in one “cloud” begin to mine bitcoins, and then earned coins are distributed between tenants, that is, the owners of these iPhones. The amount of earned cryptocurrency in each case depends on the processor parameters.

A big minus in this case will be the need for a round-the-clock connection of the gadget to the mining network, which is associated with a constant high load and fast battery wear. And since you can earn bitcoins on iOS through cloud mining in a very small amount, there is no sense in “killing” the device – you will have to spend several times more on buying a new one.
In addition, scammers took control of cloud mining to a large extent, who, after receiving rent for connecting to a cloud server, simply did not get in touch. True, for devices on iOS there are much fewer risks than on Android, so this option for making money for iPhones is more suitable.

Before you start mining, you must:

  • Download and install the program;
  • Select a pool and set your password;
  • Indicate how many cores can be used on the connected phone.

Next, the process goes on the machine – this is the main advantage of this type of earnings. It is important to consider that all cloud mining programs can be installed only on the latest models – from iPhone7 and higher. Owners of earlier iOS devices should turn to other types of cryptocurrency mining. Although they will not suffer significant financial losses.

Bitcoin Faucets

It is much simpler, safer and more interesting not to mine crypto coins, but to collect from on the so-called bitcoin faucets. These are the sites that pay for viewing ads and performing simple actions. On the Internet, they exist in huge numbers, and also differ in the prevalence of scammers. But unlike Android apps, iOS developers carefully check such programs before adding them to the App Store. Therefore, much fewer taps are available for iPhone owners, but you can download them without global concerns.

The algorithm for working on different services may have some differences, but the principle is the same everywhere:

  • First you need to register and specify the address of the bitcoin wallet;
  • Then start earning – enter captcha, view ads, surf sites, perform other tasks;
  • After accumulating on the personal account the amount allowed for withdrawal – transfer the earned satoshi to the wallet.

It should be borne in mind that tasks for one user are not always available, but appear with an interval of 5 minutes to 1 hour. And if you can work without a break, then you need to register on several Bitcoin-taps simultaneously. Then the process of collecting crypto coins will go on continuously.

There are several advantages to this activity:

  • No cash investments are required and, accordingly, there are no financial risks;
  • You can independently adjust the mode and schedule;
  • Earnings are not limited to anything other than temporary.

There is only one minus when working on bitcoin taps from a phone on iOS – low income at a large investment of time. Despite this, such services are now considered the most popular and affordable option for cryptocurrency mining. In addition, the amount of Satoshi earned can be increased by participating in referral programs that are on all bitcoin faucets. Attracting new users, you can secure a stable passive income, receiving interest from their earnings. Also on most cranes there is the opportunity to participate in games and lotteries. Although here you can not only earn, but also lose.

Online Games

Games for Satoshi exist not only on bitcoin faucets, but also as a separate option for earning. In fact, these are ordinary gaming applications, only with payment of winnings in crypto coins. Such online games are for smartphones on Android, and in much larger quantities than for iPhones. Therefore, in this case, the capabilities of owners of phones on iOS are somewhat limited. But, like the rest of the crypto-earning applications, you can download games from the AppStore without much risk of fraud.
You won’t be able to earn much on online games, because here not only the amount of coins paid out, but also the probability of losing affects the amount of profit. But for gamers who can’t imagine their life without such an activity, the transition to bitcoin games can be a good source of additional income.

 Investments and Trading

For those who already own a certain amount of cryptocurrency, the additional profit will be more real and tangible. But in order to really earn income and not lose invested funds, you first need to carefully understand how to invest or sell bitcoin correctly, how to start earning from iPhone on investments or buying / selling. And if knowledge is not enough, then it is better to entrust this matter to a professional broker, paying him a certain percentage of the profits.

If we talk about long-term investments, then special care must be taken in this matter. Since the advent of bitcoin, its value has increased many times. But further growth is not guaranteed by anyone and no one, therefore investing is associated with a certain risk. In the long run, it is possible both to increase the rate, and its stop or even decline.

Trading cryptocurrency on the exchange is not related to its dynamics in the future – it occurs at a specific moment. But in this case, you need to understand the situation in the market in order to buy cheaper and sell more expensive, that is, carefully monitor the course. Therefore, with this option for earning money after registering on the cryptocurrency exchange, it is recommended to download a special application on the iPhone that helps you track cryptocurrency fluctuations on exchanges and stay up to date with the latest news.

The same applies to participation in investment projects, where you should take a very responsible approach to choosing a fund and not invest all your money in it, but take risks only with what you can afford.

Affiliate and referral programs

You can earn bitcoins on iOS in another reliable and very simple way – by promoting all the above resources and attracting new users to them. There are two options for this:

  • Referral systems;
  • Partnership programs.

To participate in the referral system, you must register on the appropriate service and receive a personal link or code. All new members who click on this link or enter a code in a special field before registration become referrals, and the user who provided the link / code becomes a referrer. If, after registration, referrals begin to work, then the referrer receives a reward in the form of a certain percentage of everyone’s earnings. The more people get involved, and the more actively they earn, the higher such passive income will be.

Affiliate program works a little differently. To participate in it, you need to get a special affiliate link (after registration or by agreement with the site owner), and then advertise this link on the Internet and receive cryptocurrency for attracted visitors. This option is ideal for owners of well-visited blogs and sites or pages and communities in social networks with many subscribers. Since the topic of making bitcoin on iOS today is of great interest, attracting customers to such resources does not cause problems.

Having studied all the methods described above for mining crypto coins on an iPhone, you need to choose one or more suitable ones for yourself, taking into account not only the characteristics of your gadget, but also your own capabilities. For the first acquaintance, online games and bitcoin faucets are best suited, but they will not bring high incomes. It is most profitable to trade on the exchange, and for this you already need to have a certain number of cryptocurrencies. Although for starters they can be bought, and then put into circulation. It all depends on available resources and your own desire.

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