How to earn bitcoins on a machine


All ways to automatically earn Bitcoin, their pros and cons

Work on the Internet, allowing you to earn bitcoins (Bitcoin, quotation on BTC exchanges), is very popular today. This is due to the opportunity to receive additional income and become the owner of such a profitable cryptocurrency. The main disadvantage of such earnings is that it requires an investment of either a lot of time or very large funds. For this reason, special programs and resources began to be created that allow you to earn bitcoins on the machine. Among them there are legal and fully working ones, but there are those that do not bring benefits to anyone except those who sell them. Therefore, you should understand the intricacies of receiving bitcoins on the machine in order to choose a really useful way.

All options for automatic cryptocurrency earnings can be divided into several categories:

  • Btc auto-cranes – sites with the function of automatic distribution of cryptocurrency, which can be received even without turning on the computer, and accessing the site only occasionally in order to transfer ‘accumulations’ to the wallet;
  • Mining is the main way to mine bitcoins on a machine that is initially based on just such a scheme of work, but depending on the variety (classic or cloud), it is associated either with large financial investments or with very high risks;
  • Affiliate and referral programs – participants in such projects receive rewards for attracting users to the resource by publishing active links (details in the article: earnings on referral links);
  • Automatic programs are the most unreliable way, based on the purchase and installation of special software, which should perform all routine operations for a person.

In almost all of these cases, the earnings of bitcoins on the machine are quite real, but can bring a very different size income. The only exceptions were automatic programs, the essence of which is that the actions offered on a specific resource will be performed automatically, and this is extremely unprofitable for advertisers. After all, they pay money for viewing ads precisely by a person, and not by an Internet bot.

Given the features of the options described above, we can say that automatic cryptocurrency earnings are a reality, but with tricks. Each of them has its pros and cons, as well as certain requirements, without which it will not work to earn bitcoins quickly and much. In any case, if everything is done honestly and legally, then at the initial stage costs will necessarily be required – either monetary or temporary.

When choosing the appropriate method for mining bitcoins on a machine, it should be borne in mind that the easiest way is to use btc cranes, but the income here will be minimal. Affiliate and referral programs are also not very profitable and are most suitable if you have your own well-developed blogs, sites, pages on social networks. Cloud mining is the most universal method that is suitable for anyone who can not invest a lot of money and is willing to risk even this minimum. Classic mining can be called the optimal solution without special risks and with high incomes, but it requires the purchase of expensive equipment and considerable subsequent costs, in addition, every year this idea loses its relevance for people with even average capital. But from programs that are designed to automate earnings, it is better to completely abandon.

Ways and resources that offer to earn Bitcoin automatically

To start making good money by collecting bitcoins on a machine, you need to carefully understand the intricacies of the chosen method or resource. It is important not to try to circumvent the established rules. Even if it turns out to fraudulently get extra coins, it will give only a one-time income. It is better to work honestly and receive funds on a regular basis.

Btc truck cranes

Automatic bitcoin faucets are sites with regular distribution of free Satoshi.

Satoshi are a small unit (coin) of bitcoin and comprise only one hundred millionth of it.
The amount of issued cryptocurrencies and the frequency of their accrual may vary depending on the services used. However, some of them do not even require registration. There are btc auto cranes where distribution is ongoing, even if the computer is turned off.

The rules and conditions for earning bitcoin on the machine at each tap vary slightly. More often than not, Satoshi themselves are assembled, and the user is invited to:

  • Withdraw coins with the selected frequency – every 5 minutes, 1 time per day (week, month);
  • When the minimum amount for withdrawal has accumulated, transfer it to your personal btc wallet (on some resources even this process takes place automatically), we recommend using wallets at the Blockchain service and Coinbase website;
  • Participate in games using collected crypto coins.

In addition to the standard time accrual, additional “daytime” bonuses may be given out on some truck cranes if a user visits the site at least once a day. The main rule of any such service: the more often Satoshi is removed, the faster they are awarded. Of course, using these faucets, you won’t be able to earn a lot of bitcoins on the machine. But income can be significantly increased if you use the maximum possible number of such sites.

Bitcoin mining

At its core, mining is the process of issuing bitcoins based on mathematical calculations in a computer network. During this process, special blocks are created, with the help of which transactions carried out in the interval between the creation of two blocks are processed and confirmed. Each subsequent block includes data from previously generated data, which ensures the formation of an information chain for each transaction in the network.

All these processes are not controlled by anyone, and the distribution of computers in the network across different parts of the globe makes them completely safe. Each computer chooses one hash among millions of combinations, and if it comes to a secret key and all new transactions, the owner of this computer receives a reward. After that, the block closes, and the process starts again. The indicated remuneration amount is reduced every 4 years by a factor of 2. Until 2013, it was 50 btc, from 2013 it dropped to 25 btc, from 2017 – to 12.5 btc.

Mining provides reliable, stable and very high automatic bitcoin earnings. But for this, you first need to purchase very expensive equipment:

  • Video cards of the latest models with maximum performance;
  • Latest release processors;
  • High power power supplies;
  • Ventilation and cooling equipment;
  • Motherboard;
  • Bus extenders (Riser) for connecting additional video cards to the motherboard.

All devices are collected in a server, mining software is installed, after which the process starts and then happens on the machine, but with the desired control of what is happening.

Despite such good prospects, the pitfalls of this type of earnings are very significant. Expensive equipment wears out very quickly, because it works at full power around the clock. In addition, to work, you need reliable Internet and an uninterrupted supply of electricity, because computers must always be online. Even a short shutdown takes the participant out of the process, and he loses the opportunity to make money on the current block.
It is because of the large starting investments, doubled electricity bills and the high probability of malfunctions that mining as an option for making bitcoins is far from accessible to everyone. It is especially difficult to work alone. Therefore, miners prefer to unite, creating bitcoin farms and pools.

Another option to reduce costs is to mine bitcoins not on their own equipment, but through cloud services. The difference is that the capacities (measured in hashes) are rented and provide cryptocurrency mining remotely. The more hashes leased, the more cryptocurrencies can be obtained on the machine. Such a simplified version of mining does not require the cost of equipment and electricity, does not need constant monitoring, and the invested funds pay off in about a year. The main drawback of cloud mining is the high probability of encountering scammers who take a fee for renting capacities and after that disappear forever, or hacker attacks that can completely deprive the miner of their money.

Affiliate Programs and BTC

Owners of untwisted sites, blogs or pages on social networks can easily and easily earn bitcoins without investments automatically, just placing links to cryptocurrency earning resources (or any other services that pay for advertising in bitcoins, for example, investment funds and projects where the terms of the partnership reward The most profitable). Such earnings do not require any expenditure of effort, time and money, and the income goes on the machine due to the transition and registration on the advertiser’s website.

Earnings on referrals works a little differently. To participate in it, you must become a user of a certain resource (Bitcoin-tap, cryptocurrency exchange, investment fund, etc.), and then offer to register and earn other people on it. In this case, income is expressed as a percentage of the amount earned by the referral. Therefore, we must try to use the link as many potential users as possible. Having many referrals, you can easily receive quite substantial amounts on the machine, but for this it is extremely important that referrals actively work and perform the necessary actions according to the conditions of the service.

Automatic programs for making Bitcoin

The most attractive and at first glance seeming very profitable for making bitcoins are special programs that allow you to automate the work on the so-called bitcoin faucets. Such cranes offer to perform a very simple job and get crypto coins for this. The tasks are to watch ads, clicks, web-surfing and other simple, but time-consuming actions. To earn at least a slightly significant amount, you need to spend almost a whole day at the computer. And if you download a special program and configure it accordingly on the desired site, then in theory, all this work will be done by an online bot on the machine.

It should be understood that such work does not suit either the advertiser or the resource that pays for viewing the advertisement. After all, the meaning of all these actions is that the advertising product is seen by as many people as possible, not robots. Therefore, the owners of the cranes install protection against bots, in particular, requiring the introduction of captcha, which is beyond the power of the bot. In addition, for the use of such programs, the account is blocked, and further earnings become impossible.

On the other hand, a certain amount must be paid for the purchase of such a program. However, there is no guarantee that it will work. The reason may be not only the presence of protection against bots, but also fraudulent actions of sellers. Most purchased programs either do not go to the buyer at all and the money disappears, or they simply turn out to be inoperative.
Therefore, it makes no sense to risk twice. In addition, there are other, quite honest options for earning bitcoins on the machine and some of them are quite profitable, not for nothing we mentioned them above.

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