How to create a HYIP project yourself


Detailed instructions

The fact that the creation of HYIP-projects is quite profitable, no one argues. However, in the dreams of many Internet users this seems to be something like this: ‘I am lying on the couch, and hundreds of thousands of dollars are automatically dripping into me, which I manage at my own discretion.’ This does not happen. HYIP is the same business that should be given enough attention, think over the concept and strategy, and engage in marketing. Everyone can really create a hype project. Everyone who has initial capital.

I want to make a hype project

This is an understandable desire. Let’s drop castles in the air and move on to the specifics. As soon as such an idea came to you, you should find out the specifics of hype projects – otherwise the result will be the same if you appoint a janitor to the post of chairman of the board of directors of a large industrial enterprise. Today it’s not difficult to get the necessary information and make detailed instructions, so be patient, turn on several search engines and start a systematic study of the area.

Can I be more specific

The introductory part of the grandiose business plan for creating your own HYIP project should be the development of a concept. Carefully think over the legend of the project – this is really important. No one will pay attention to hype, which does not even have a simple legend. Connect your imagination and go! Concept development also includes thinking over the marketing direction. Carefully calculate the approximate costs and revenues, predict the life of the hype, write down the smallest development details, draw up investment plans. Ready for a rough business plan? Then proceed to the technical part!

What to do next

What follows is perhaps one of the most complex and time-consuming parts. First, select the hosting whose services you will use. It should be noted that the hosting must support the ddos ​​protection function, otherwise the first attack may “crash” your project.

Register a domain and start picking up a hype design. Before this, it is recommended to study the corporate identity of a competitor in order to choose the most optimal colors. Next is the process of ‘installing’ the site itself. If you are familiar with programming, then this will not be difficult. For those who do not understand anything in IT, you can purchase ready-made scripts.

And, finally, the most important stage at which you will earn money is the connection of payment systems. Most HYIPs use the following payments: AdvCash, Payeer, Perfect Money and many types of cryptocurrencies.

Why is it so difficult or “smart will not go uphill”

Have you read all of the above, and this discouraged the desire to create your own hype project yourself? Well, there is a simpler and more effective solution – turn to specialists and order a turn-key HYIP project. There are many offices that are ready to provide an individual solution and develop a turnkey hype. The price tag, as a rule, starts at $ 500, but 4-5 thousand dollars is considered the turnkey optimal development price. Yes, you will spend money, but save yourself an extra headache and buy a ready-made project.

The final

Congratulations, you have opened your own hype project. But why don’t the money go? Yes, because discovery is only half the battle. A lot of effort and money will have to be invested in promotion. Regularly update content and quotes on the site, purchase advertising on thematic forums and sites. Buy a lot. HYIP is a fairly closed area from the rest of the Internet, therefore, discussion of this direction is carried out on specialized resources. Prepare the money and start negotiating with the owners about advertising, banners, reviews, etc. As you develop, naturally, continue to monitor the market, analyze the behavior of participants and adjust the overall strategy.

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