How to create a Bitcoin wallet


How to create a Bitcoin wallet

Today, the advantages of the Bitcoin system are obvious: this is a steady increase in the exchange rate, and the convenience of money transfers, and the absence of commissions from banks.
The first thing to start when working with the system, in connection with which the user will definitely have a question: how to create a Bitcoin wallet.

This is a fairly simple procedure, and it can be done in two ways.
The first is the creation of an offline wallet, that is, installing the so-called Wallet program. Advantage: no threat of hacking or technical problems with the site.

Disadvantages: such a program takes up a lot of space on the hard drive.
And if something happens to your computer or you just didn’t at first figure out how to work in this program, which ultimately resulted in data loss — wallets, like your funds, can no longer be restored.
The second is the creation of an online wallet. The user must register on one of the relevant sites.

Advantage: all responsibility for storing your data (and therefore funds) lies with the Internet resource, that is, the wallet can be restored. In addition, Bitcoins can be controlled not only from a PC, but from any portable device at hand (including from a smartphone), because An online wallet is not tied to a single device.

Those who have just started working in the Bitcoin system are encouraged to create an online wallet in order to protect themselves from possible risks.
And of course, you should think about which wallet to choose (the most popular: Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Armory, BitGo). The principles of their work are identical, which one will be more convenient to use – you decide.

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