How to choose a bot for collecting bitcoins on a machine


What is a bot for collecting bitcoins

Cryptocurrencies have forever changed the idea of ​​investing on the Internet, giving humanity the opportunity to earn money with minimal effort. Surely many have already heard about such sites as bitcoin faucets, where you can get a small part of the coin for free. Such platforms began to appear in large numbers at the dawn of the formation of the cryptocurrency industry and played an important role in its popularization. Those who were engaged in the collection from the beginning were able to multiply their income with the increase in the cost of bitcoin. Modern collectors have to be more dexterous and the main assistant in this is the automation of processes.

Among all the ways to make money on bitcoin, there are taps that differ in that they do not require financial investments. To receive a reward, a user just needs to visit a special site and perform a few simple steps on it. As a rule, to confirm the activity, the taps are asked to introduce captcha, and from a few hundred to a couple thousand satoshi are given as a reward for this.

Earnings of several thousand satoshi can hardly be called income, but there are a lot of cranes, and if you organize the time correctly and use dozens of such resources right away, you already get something more similar to income. And although not the most complex actions are required from the user, such work on a variety of resources can be quite tiring and take a lot of time.

Bots to automatically collect bitcoins will help minimize labor and time costs. These are special scripting programs that perform all the duties of a person. They are integrated into the browser or are separate programs that are able to independently visit the site and enter captcha to collect bitcoins on the machine. Such a software solution allows you to earn money without much effort and involve more cranes in your work.

Who will benefit from the automatic collection of bitcoins

Each bitcoin faucet has its own system of charging free Satoshi. Some platforms allow you to collect smaller amounts of satoshi, but more often, for example, every five minutes. Others give out larger amounts, but every hour. There are cranes that operate at intervals of 10.15 or 30 minutes.

For good earnings, the user needs to combine several dozen platforms. That is, it is necessary to develop a collection system and periodically visit each crane in accordance with its interval, which takes a lot of time and is quite tiring. At the same time, even eight-hour work on one crane can bring only 1-2 dollars a month.

In such circumstances, the program for collecting Satoshi will be useful to those who want to increase their income and minimize labor costs. Given that automatic earnings can take place 24/7, an online miner will be able to earn quite passively and without investment, a fairly decent amount.

The best programs for making bitcoins

Automatic Bitcoin earnings according to this scheme is quite simple. The only difficulty you have to face is finding a bot. Installing programs for collecting bitcoins should always be from trusted sources, while it is recommended not to ignore notifications from the antivirus.

Verified sources include, for example, the Google Chrome online store. It shows download statistics and ratings based on reviews from real users. You can download the program for the automatic collection of bitcoins in Telegram channels. True, in such cases, you should not be led to flashy headlines, but pay attention to the characteristics and reviews presented.

Some advanced programs can only be found in highly specialized forums with related interests. Sometimes scripts for automatic collection are online services. For a better orientation in this area, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main options.

BTC Free Bot

This is an automatic Bitcoin collector that supports work with many taps. The main bias in the program is to use services that allow you to instantly withdraw money to your Xapo wallet, so before installing it is recommended to immediately open your wallet on this service.

The program for creating cryptocurrencies works with the Mozilla Firefox browser and is installed in it as an additional extension. The main advantage of the script is that it allows you to independently add and remove taps from the list of visited.


Autofaucets is an online service that performs the functions of an automatic collector. The service is synchronized with the user’s browser and automatic collection is performed. The main advantage of such a collector is the absence of risks associated with infecting your PC with viruses, because you do not need to install third-party programs to work.

The service is able to independently indicate the user’s payment details and pass captcha checks so that the platform does not recognize a trick.

For users, the service also provides a referral program, a link to which can be found in your account. With its help, you can get additional earnings in the amount of 5-25% of the collection of referrals. The bonus percentage is set individually for each crane.

Factory faucets

Factory Faucets automatically collects bitcoins from 45 taps. It is the so-called add-on, that is, a special extension of the functionality of the browser, and has been tested for compatibility with browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox and Opera.

By installing this collector, you can be calm about the security of your PC, as it has also been checked for virus codes. The bot also supports a referral program, according to which you can get additional rewards for attracting users.

How to configure the collection of bitcoins on the machine

Bitcoin Bot is able to independently visit special services and enter captcha for the user, and the user can only watch how Satoshi regularly come to his account. But first of all, for the automatic collector to work properly, you will need to configure it.

The first step is to go through a manual easy registration on each tap and indicate your details. You will also need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Install the program on a PC;
  • Connect it to the Internet;
  • Provide him with uninterrupted power from the mains.

You will also need to enter the wallet address in the bot program. In some cases, the program requires you to specify a name for the bot. The next step is to activate the script in the browser. As a rule, automated scripts are integrated into the Mozilla browser because it makes it easy to install additional extensions. You can do this in the “Settings” menu in the “Add-ons” section.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Crane Bot


  • Convenience. Bots perform all the painstaking work for the user, are quite simple to use and configure, since they are usually accompanied by detailed instructions.
  • Reliability. Programs work according to a clear algorithm, in which errors occur quite rarely. Cranes usually cannot distinguish a bot from a manual visit.
  • 24 hour work. Programs can work 24/7, which significantly increases the profitability of the collection due to the frequency of visits.
  • Passive earnings without investments. Cranes themselves allow you to start earning without financial investments, but you will need to invest a lot of time. Bots for automatic collection also solve the second problem, allowing you to earn passively.

The disadvantages of the bot include the difficulty in searching, as well as the ability to pick up viruses. In addition, there is a low probability that the Bitcoin-tap will recognize automatic actions and block the user’s account along with the funds available on it.

Recommendations on how to earn more

On average, with the help of an automatic collector connected to many cranes, you can earn from 20 to 50 dollars a month. The income is very dependent on the number of cranes used, but given automation, this can be considered a pretty good indicator.

If you want to earn more, then do not be lazy to actively develop the referral program, which is provided on most cranes. Many sites offer additional rewards for participating in games or completing easy tasks, which usually consist of completing registration on other sites.

It is also recommended that you regularly monitor news channels and the emergence of new bitcoin faucets and add them to scripts manually.


Free cryptocurrency collection is a real, but low-profit way to earn money. It is possible to increase profitability from it when automating processes, since this allows collecting regularly on a 24/7 basis. In addition, bots for automatic collection save time and user effort. To obtain passive income, you only need to install and configure the addon once, and then you just have to watch the accumulation of Satoshi.

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