How to build a cryptocurrency mining farm


What equipment is needed to assemble a mining farm

Mining, bitcoins, a cryptocurrency mining farm are words that make a profit and excite the imagination. The price of bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency sometimes grows by leaps and bounds. How to make money on this yourself? Very simple. To do this, you need to know how to build a mining farm. And after that you can sit, do nothing and receive your income every day. What is needed to become a little or even very rich? What is needed in order to successfully mine?

So, consider the entire list of hardware for building your crypto farm. We need quite a lot of computer equipment and mostly expensive, and in the end, the amount runs up rather big. Now, more about what we need to mine bitcoins, and how much to buy, so that later we don’t bite our elbows.

Video Cards for Mining

The whole process is supported on video cards. They make the necessary calculations for which a fee is charged. They are the most important thing in your farm. There is no point in saving. As they say, you can ride a moped, but … Our goal is to earn money, which means we take only the best card models. This is necessary so that in the end our assembly would be productive, and therefore profitable.

Which manufacturers to choose – NVIDIA or AMD RADEON? This decision is yours. For mining the main cryptocurrencies, it is more expedient to take RADEON, their performance is 5-10% higher than the competitor. But it is worth considering that they consume significantly more electricity and periodically overheat. When choosing a card, you need to pay attention to the frequency of the core and memory. The higher they are, the better.

It is also necessary to take into account overclocking capabilities. An overclocked video card will work more efficiently, but at the same time it will spend much more electricity and generate more heat. So you need to pay attention to the heat removal system. Here you need to look at its performance and volume. The connectors of the card itself are also important. USB3 is preferred. You can’t just buy a video card suitable for mining. They are taken apart like hot cakes. Often you have to make a reservation and wait.

Farm Mining Processor

The processor and the math chip must be selected in accordance with the model of the motherboard. Definitely, an ultra-powerful processor for the farm is not required, unless of course you are going to mine monero at miningpoolhub or in other pools, as I once did.

Farm motherboard

What can I say about her selection of this component? The main indicator for choosing a motherboard is the total number of PCIe slots. And here the rule works – the more the better. There must be at least three slots. Optimum for a home farm is six. The manufacturer does not matter. But it is worth knowing that there are special boards designed exclusively for mining bitcoins.

Power Supply

The power supply is a serious brick in creating a farm. It is not worth saving. The power that the unit should produce is added up from the total power of the video cards, plus 150 – 200 watts for the rest, plus the power reserve from the calculated 20%. We calculated and bought a power supply unit with this or more output power. It should be remembered that it will work 24/7. So, at least a block with a certificate of 80 PLUS Bronze is suitable for us. They are somewhat more expensive, but their efficiency and reliability are very high.

RAM and Winchester

There are no serious requests for these components. You can get by with a 60 GB SSD and one 2-4 GB RAM chip.


The riser is the link between the PCIe x16 and PCIe x1 slots. In addition, he performs the extension cable option. All the latest GPUs are connected to the motherboard using the PCIe x16 connector, which speeds up the exchange of information. As a rule, up to two PCIe x16 and several PCIe x1 are located on the motherboard. Here, in this case, the risers help us out. Risers are implemented – on cables, on USB 3.0. It is preferable to purchase only a model with USB. Such risers are much more efficient and much better.


The frame is an open box on which the connecting components of the farm will be mounted. Their cost is not high. However, making it yourself is quite simple. Why open? Yes, because a lot of heat is generated, and an open-type box will give the best cooling.

Now you know how to assemble a farm for mining yourself, but there remains one very important question – “How much does it cost?”

 Investments – how much does a crypto farm cost

Now prepare the money, gentlemen. The cost of building a profitable crypto farm will be about $ 2000 – $ 4000. At the current price of cryptocurrencies, your investments will pay off within 6-8 months if nothing breaks or the currency does not fall in price.


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