How not to let yourself be deceived


How not to let yourself be deceived

People who are just starting to plunge into the world of investment funds are asking millions of questions. Like, what, why this is exactly what is being done. And they are doing it right, because money is no laughing matter. Before investing anywhere, you need to learn as much as possible about the program with which you are going to cooperate. In general, a novice in this business is increasingly asking one question, how not to become prey for scammers? How not to fall for the bait of deceivers?

This problem concerns not only beginners – it affects absolutely everyone. It’s just that beginners come across more often. It’s just that the HYIP system itself is designed in such a way that we don’t see the economic operations we are doing, everything is veiled. Therefore, it is not difficult for a fraudster to create a project that will meet all the requirements of this investment program, but in reality be a fake. As soon as fraudsters collect the amount they need, the project is minimized, and depositors are left without cash.

Ponzi is the most common form of cheating. The essence of this system is reduced to financial pyramids. That is, people who invest money are invited to the project, thereby they do not even suspect that they support effective economic activity with their contributions. And this already affects the fact that more and more people are involved in Ponzi, since there is imaginary stability and sustainability on the project, which is formed by the money invested in the program. But this is all a hoax, a fiction. At some point, people cease to join the project, that is, the project is no longer invested, and, therefore, the meaning of the existence of such a project is reduced to zero. In this regard, scammers cover up the project and take away all the money invested. Sometimes, scammers do not even bother to wait for this very stage, when new participants stop coming to the project, and simply simply immediately hide with all the accumulated money. As a rule, the client learns that the project no longer exists when interest ceases to be on his account that were so constant, but it is too late to change something.

How to distinguish real hyip from ponzi

There are several indirect signs that signal us that we are possibly scammers. If large amounts of money will come from the project where you intend to invest, for example, 30% per day – beware, think carefully, whereby the founders are going to provide you and other investors with such high returns. Secondly, the main goal of highly profitable projects is to create profits from investment activities, that is, unprecedented high partner contributions are excluded. If you are offered more than 10% of the transaction – think about it. And finally, thirdly, Ponzi-like projects do not collapse in an unexpected way. Fraudsters are well aware that over time they will have to collapse everything, so there is no point in providing the site with normal functionality and content. A negligent website and stolen content should make you suspicious if it’s worth investing in this project.

Another common form of fraud is the so-called The Golden Games. In fact, these are small Ponzi projects, the validity of which varies from some days to a couple of weeks. The unique difference between the Golden Games and Ponzi projects is that they are positioned as financial pyramids from the very beginning. Clients invest their money, and then you just need to withdraw the accumulated funds from the project on time and be in profit. If you are late, you can say goodbye to savings. There are a number of variations of the Golden Games, but the essence of each comes down to high-speed play. Of course, such projects are in no way associated with reputable HYIP.

A certain category of people willingly takes part in Ponzi projects. It goes without saying that such programs are quite capable of generating good profits in a short time, but we must not forget that instead they can also ruin you. Let’s say more: by no means can you even be helped out by the ability to correctly calculate the time of entry and exit of the project, as well as the skills to quickly navigate, based on the circumstances. The fact is that decoy ducks are often involved in such programs: acquaintances and friends of the initiators of the project; Naturally, profit is brought only to them, since all insider information is in their possession. The risk level when participating in such programs is an order of magnitude higher than from cooperation with reputable HYIPs. The probability of earning income is much lower.

If you consciously decided to try your luck in the Ponzi project, then you should know that even if fortune smiles at you, all your profit will be generated due to the ruin of those who are not so lucky. We must not forget that the pyramid schemes themselves are illegal activities, and their creators are strictly prosecuted by law enforcement agencies. If you stumbled upon some interesting HYIP program and don’t want to run into a pyramid, then you should carefully study the conditions that the organizers offer you. It is necessary to analyze the proposal, compare the indicated figures with indicators that were previously indicated by us as “suspicious”. Start making serious investments only if you are firmly convinced that the program is not dangerous for you and your wallet: all the same, the first deposits should not be a solid amount. Only after you make sure that interest payments regularly replenish your account, you can invest the rest of the funds.

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