How long does an HYIP project live on average


Hype lifespan

The field of hype is so multifaceted and versatile that no one ever knows about the average lifespan of a hype. Of course, each project has individual working conditions, development plans and advertising campaigns. Is it possible to determine how much the hype project you have decided to invest in will last?

Advertising and marketing

We have already mentioned that one of the most important stages in the development of any hype is marketing. Not only its profit, but also its longevity depends on how efficiently the marketing component of hype is built. Admins need the most time to carefully study marketing. It is necessary to find the very “golden mean” – to attract potential investors, offering the optimal interest on deposits, and not to overload the project at one of the stages of development. If the administrator does not devote enough time to the development of marketing, then the project will soon become cramped, because, by promising high payout rates, it threatens the overall work of the project. Studying the marketing side of the project, you can approximately understand whether the hype was originally designed for scam, or if the admin intends to work for a sufficiently long time.

 Hype Categories

In one of the materials we said that all hypes are divided into three categories according to their profitability. Actually, its service life also depends on the category to which the hype you are considering belongs. It is logical to think here – the lifespan of a hype or MLM game, which offer high interest for a short period of time, will be clearly less than for low-profit projects.

If we take the averaged statistical values, then highly profitable projects work from a few days to 2-3 weeks. If he is about to work a month, then investing in it definitely should not be – he is almost on the verge of extinction.

Medium-profitable hyps work, as a rule, for at least a month (if the project is not designed for the initial scam, then you can still invest in it). In this case, the average life of medium-income projects is approximately 2-4 months. Logically, the lowest-performing hyps work the longest. Of course, hype hype is different, but it is low-income people who demonstrate a long lifespan. They can work for six months or a year, but at the same time, given its low profitability, it will not work to make a huge profit (if at all, this is not a scam project).

Declaration of intent

Recall that the values ​​given in the article are averaged and are not the guaranteed life of this or that hype. There are many circumstances on which the overall period will depend – this is the administrator’s greed, the number of investors, and the effective advertising campaign, and many others. Of course, high-profit projects that worked for half a year and low-profit hyipes that accumulated for two weeks appeared on the network more than once, but this is more an exception to the rule.

If you are a new investor, then you can recommend medium-income projects for the first deposit, which combine both a fairly profitable percentage and an average lifespan. At the same time, of course, you should not run to invest in the first hype you get, but carefully study each of them.

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