How a newcomer to invest in high-yield projects


Step by step plan

In this article, I decided to talk in detail about how a beginner can take the first steps in investing in high-yield projects.

 Post office

For a beginner, everything should start with email registration. Many investors recommend creating mail on the Gmail service. This is not necessary, but preferable.

You need to register at least 2 emails: one for payment systems, another for investment projects. Mail for payment systems should be intended only for payment systems. It is advisable not to “shine” anywhere else.


When you sign up a lot in various services, projects, etc., you are tempted to use the same password everywhere. Of course, in this case you do not need to remember and record many different passwords, but you can’t do this.

Many times I heard that unscrupulous admins are trying to log in to other projects using the usernames and passwords of their contributors. And after authorization, they try to withdraw money from the project to their wallets. And if you have the same password in payment systems, then the money can go from your wallet.
Therefore, firstly, a unique password must be created for each service or project.

All passwords must be entered in a table and stored on a computer, flash drive or in the cloud. Of course, the most reliable way would be to store passwords not on digital media or devices, but in a regular notebook, but doing so is extremely inconvenient.

Payment systems

I recommend immediately registering in the most popular payment systems. The fact is that it often happens that projects that are in ‘partisanism’ use only one or two payment systems.

Therefore, it is better to register immediately in several payment systems:

  • The most popular: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash.
  • Less popular: OKPay, Nix Money, Payza.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin.

In all payment systems, use the most stringent security settings. This is the only way you can insure yourself against theft of money. Use password confirmation at login, payment passwords, etc.


Before you start a real investment, you need to study the theory. You can find a lot of information on investing on the Internet.

The most important thing is awareness of risks and understanding how to minimize these risks. It is unlikely that you will be able to avoid risks, but it is quite possible to minimize them.

Selection of projects

Once you have studied theory, you can proceed to practice. As for medium- and high-yield projects, everything is different here and success depends, first of all, on the professionalism of the administrator.

When choosing a project, you need to look whether it implements a strategy of a smooth start and whether they throw it with money from the very beginning. So, the more popular the project at the start, the less it will live. Therefore, the most experienced admins sit for some time in partisans, and then develop as smoothly as possible, without sudden jumps.

It is much more difficult for a novice or an ordinary investor to search for promising projects than an experienced referral, for example, a popular blogger. The fact is that the latter very often have insider information.

Administrators often contact the best reporters, present the project, answer questions. Also, admins of projects that worked well remain with the referral in contacts and report their new projects from their old mail or Skype.

Thus, if a blogger or other referrer knows that a new project was created by a trusted administrator, then this project is more credible and he actively recommends it to his readers. As practice shows, the brainchild of proven and reputable admins almost always gives investors a profit again and again.

Therefore, when choosing projects, I would recommend listening to popular bloggers and looking at the projects that are in their portfolio.

Choosing a partner

Choosing a partner for whom you will be registered in the project is an important step. Firstly, your partner can help you with advice, secondly, solve your problem by contacting a support service or project administrator, and thirdly, he can pay you a refback or insurance.
If you register under any anonymous spammer, you will not receive any of the advantages described above. Therefore, it is best to go under the experienced investor and public person.


Everybody talks about diversification. This is probably the most important step that will help you minimize your risks. In short, you need to invest not in one project, but at least 10. For example, you have allocated $ 1,000 for investment, then you have to pick up 10 projects and invest $ 100 each.
It is not necessary that you make all 10 deposits in one day or in one week. If you find only 8 projects and 200 dollars are idle, then let them lie better. No need to try to invest in dubious projects, just to build money.

Portfolio Formation

Here we talk about the amount with which you should begin your journey into investing. I recommend starting with small amounts.

Remember how the instructors teach the driving students who first sat behind the wheel. Do they immediately release them to the city center at rush hour? No, students take their first steps on the playground or in the country away from other cars. So it is with investments.

While you are studying, it is highly likely that you will make many mistakes and, accordingly, lose money. Therefore, for starters, it is better to make deposits of $ 10 and only after you learn how to get a stable profit, you can move on to large deposits.

Top-up wallets

Replenishment of electronic payment systems, such as: Payeer, Perfect Money and AdvCash is best done through exchangers. In order to make an exchange at the best rate, use BestChange monitoring. With it, you can withdraw money back to your card.

Behavior after contribution

It seems that after you have made a contribution, your responsibility ends. But in fact, this is not entirely true.

The longer the hype lives, the more money you earn. And you can have a small impact on his life span. Of course, globally you will not change anything, but it is better than nothing. If everyone did these simple actions, then I’m sure that many projects would live much longer:

  • Have made a contribution – write off at least one popular resource about this. You can unsubscribe on the forum or in the comments under an article on a blog, for example, on mine.
  • Got a refback – also write this on your partner’s resource.
  • Received a payment – tell us about it on one or several resources. Let as many people know that the project pays.

The more people will see that payments are being made and investors are making contributions, the more confidence the project will cause. And the more people will make new contributions to this hype. And the longer the project will exist, and you will get more profit.

Investing strategies

In this article I showed the most popular strategies for investing in high-yield projects. I recommend acting like this: after a deposit, withdraw 100% of the profit until the deposit “breaks”. And after that, 50% of the profit should be withdrawn, and 50% reinvested.

If there is little trust in the project, after returning the deposit you can continue to withdraw 100% of the profit.

The Scam

Sooner or later, any hype project will stop payments and go to scam. If you use the principle of diversification, then scam 1-2 projects are not afraid of you – you will still remain in the black.

Instead of writing angry posts and comments or scolding the administrator and his entire family, analyze the situation, draw conclusions and start searching for a new project. Nothing to do anyway.

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