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HilltopAds – advertising network

Hilltopads is an advertising platform headquartered in the UK. Hilltopads is not a newcomer to the advertising network market – the service began operation in 2011.
Compared to its competitors, Hilltopads is distinguished by a large list of supported advertising technologies, payment systems and excellent service – round-the-clock technical support, an easy-to-use advertising network with direct access to offers and timely payments every week. The company operates on CPC, CPA and CPM models. Both desktop and mobile traffic are monetized.

One of the highlights is the possibility of monetizing adult traffic, although a number of rules must be followed to work with the adult.

Website owners are prohibited from using bots and other ways to increase traffic to increase revenue. Otherwise, the account, together with the account, will be blocked.

Available ad formats

1. Traditional advertising banners in sizes 300×100 and 300×250, including invideo-banners;
2. Mobile banners (optimized for smartphones and tablets);
3. Popunder advertising (for desktop and mobile platforms);
4. IMS (chat popup);

To simplify the search for the most productive platform for advertisers, the service supports the following targeting methods:

1. Geo-targeting by country / city;
2. The language of the target audience;
3. Type of devices (smartphone, tablet, PC);
4. The mobile operator;
5. Retargeting;
6. Browser / Operating System;
7. Keywords;
8. Time targeting;
9. IP targeting;

The service also offers its own solutions for bypassing locks on AdBlock.


Hilltopads works with the following payment systems:

1. Webmoney (WMZ only);
2. Bitcoin
3. Paxum
4. ePayService
5. ePayments
6. Payoneer
7. Direct withdrawal to a bank card.

Payments are made according to the Net7 model, and the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50.
The advertising network has a referral program. For advertisers attracted by your referral link, you get 1% of revenue, and 5% for publishers.

User Guide

When registering, which requires only email, the publisher and advertiser account is immediately created. Management of their sites / advertising campaigns is carried out centrally, from the profile.
Before you start working with the service, you must completely fill out the profile.
Statistics on advertising campaigns and sites are generated in real time.

Much attention is paid to the security of transactions, and especially to the security of your money. Platforms on the Hilltopads network are constantly checked for fraud and fraud by bots, and when you change your wallet for withdrawal, you will immediately receive an email saying that the wallet has been changed, with the exact time and IP, from which the change was made.

In the ‘Account Security’ tab, you can contact the support agent and bind your account to one or more IPs, after which you can only enter the account from under them.
Excellent support service. Hilltopads delimited support work for technical assistance.
(security, API, etc.), assistance to advertisers and publishers is answered by three different departments of specialists. Support works 24/7.

Hilltopads has an API for automating work – on the ‘API’ tab in your profile you will find a detailed manual
And you can generate a personal access key.

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