Highly Profitable HYIPs


Highly Profitable HYIPs

Most investors have already been able to independently experience highly profitable highs, but there are those who have just begun to study this type of investment, as well as those who are not at all familiar with this type of earnings. Therefore, this article is assigned to those who are at least somehow connected with investing or are planning to deal with them. This information will allow you to be more confident in the field of investment.
Most of the readers have most likely heard of such hype. There are many types of such investment projects, and all have their own individual advantages. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. HYIP was created at the beginning of the last century by Ponzi, an Italian who emigrated to the United States of America.
Charles Ponzi founded the financial pyramid, which took money and gave a receipt that would increase the funds that were invested by fifty percent. However, his company did not live long, because it had difficulties with the tax, in addition, the creator eventually received a prison term, but after he was released, he tried to revive his idea and was deported to his homeland.
Despite everything, this person managed to enter the history of investments and stay in it until this day. He created a fairly competent PONZI scheme, which is used today in 95% of highly profitable hyips, that is, income is paid to investors thanks to attracting new customers. Often, hype is compared with MLM projects, when an investor signed by you carries out sales, and you, as an attracting sponsor, receive a certain percentage of income. The only difference is that the MLM project assumes the existence of a real physical product, and in hype projects, operations are carried out with cash.

In the field of investment, hype projects are positioned as investment funds, each of which has its own program, management system and so on. Among them you can find quite interesting projects that pay good interest on your contribution. Such projects are able to build on the basis of associations of traders, given the options for the value of valuable metals and easily recoupable projects. The network often contains not only high-quality projects, but also those that are done “on the knee”. Therefore, each investor must be prepared not to get into an unpleasant situation and not get lost in rather complicated schemes. Every day, there are all new and perfect hype projects that have their own indicators, thanks to which sorting and classification of hyps are compiled. Nevertheless, any investor will consider its profitability as the main indicator of a good project, for which, in fact, often risky work with highly profitable HYIP projects is started.

Types of highly profitable HYIP projects

Quite often, highly profitable highs are called fasts or doublers. Investment planning of such projects is strictly related to their profitability – up to one hundred percent per day, of course, the risks are similarly high. Classic fasts in their own plans involve contributions of a certain amount of money for certain periods, usually at least several days. At the end of this period, the depositor receives his money along with the promised interest. Hourly fasts are not uncommon. As a rule, the profitability of such projects per day reaches one hundred and twenty percent. It is easy to calculate that the depositor will receive an income of five percent of the initial deposit. In this case, in 24 hours the investor will receive his own contribution, plus 20% of its amount. As a rule, the scheme works as follows: during the first twenty hours, the depositor receives the amount of his contribution, and in the last four hours income.
There is another type of hype, which is usually attributed to resources with average interest. Typically, plans of this kind of project provide for profit options from twenty to one hundred percent per month. In this category of projects, it is possible to expand on a larger scale, because you can create plans for each individual project. The most common plan is the daily accrual with the inclusion and the body of the contribution itself. Let’s take an example. You are an investor who makes an investment in a project with a yield of fifty percent per month. Thus, according to the project plan, you will be able to receive daily payments equal to five percent per day. This example allows you to see that in the first twenty days you will repay your contribution, and the next ten will make a profit. By the way, such projects are the safest and have minimal risk, therefore they are quite popular among investors.
Your funds will be most at risk in the project, which in its plan involves the return of your funds along with profit at the end of the term. Such a plan is proposed by projects called depositors ‘balosborniki’, which, after collecting money, disappear into nothing. These projects include the so-called “official” companies, which are surprisingly quite popular. They assume a small percentage of payments, and the deposit itself is returned at the end of the deposit term. Therefore, it is not necessary to believe, at first glance, real evidence of the company’s work, it is better to always check them.
Special attention is paid to piggy bank projects. They have a fairly simple principle of work: you make a contribution of a certain amount of money to the project and every day you get a percentage. Investors can pick up a deposit with interest at any time, however, do not forget about the nuances of such projects. For example, according to the plans of a large number of HYIPs, it is possible to withdraw money only once a week. This is done under various pretexts, but you must take this into account and be aware of the plans for the HYIP project. According to statistics, with proper management, piggy banks live much longer than any other hypes. In addition, most piggy banks do not have a fixed percentage, but a floating one. This scheme was invented in order to influence the actions of investors, because the longer they wait, the more profit they can get.
If it is sensible to consider all the options for hype, then even with a superficial study of it you can notice more and more pleasant plans. Similarly, their creators are trying to interest investors. As an example, consider the fast-money box: a project that allows you to take money every day involves increasing interest if the investor does not take the amount. Moreover, due to the floating percentage, the investor will attract new participants to the project, because the percentage of profit on deposits will increase from the number of people involved.
A small summary
Do not forget about vigilance, carefully read the rules and working conditions of any hype project. Check out the reviews and FAQ. Ask all the nuances of interest to the project support service and get information from special forums, chats and blocks. The more information you receive, the easier it will be for you to predict the outcome of your investments.

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