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Hermes Management LTD is a popular financial and analytical company, with the official website In general, we have a review on Hermes LTD on our site (here is a link), but since it was written a long time ago, and the company doesn’t have a place, we needed to write a new review on Hermes Management LTD and separately we wrote about its MLM partner company Lifeisgood Company

So let’s get started. Some general information

Hermes Management LTD was established in 1998, and in 2014 it rebranded (was renamed), the company is registered in Belize and, perhaps, this is all the information that can be found on the official website.

It is impossible to register with the company via the Internet, there is no registration button on the site, you can only go to the Hermes LTD personal account if you are already registered, registration in turn occurs on the website, but then again, you need a person who will register you.

In general, we looked for information on Hermes Management LTD for this review on regular sites on the Internet, some of which might have become outdated. Let’s get started.

Hermes Management LTD, Lifeisgood Company and Vista Product

It is very difficult to understand how Lifeisgood and Hermes LTD are legally connected, but in approximately the following way:

  • Lifeisgood, a network marketing company, finds new investors and sells Vista to them.
  • Vista is an investment product. Investing in money – making a profit is simple.
  • Hermes Management LTD – carries out investment activities with money invested through the Vista product.

In general, you register with Lifeisgood Company, invest in Vista, and Hermes LTD earns you money.

But there are enough legal points, then in the review we will talk about the shortcomings of Hermes LTD and the chances of making money in this company.

 Disadvantages of Hermes Management LTD

\Investing in Hermes LTD gives an average return of 23-24 percent per year. This is more than real profitability and many American hedge funds will give the same profit. What is the problem?

  • Registration of Hermes Management LTD is offshore, which means that your money is in a country that is not responsible for anything. By investing in some American hedge fund, you can, in principle, lose some of your money too (especially in times of crisis), but each action of such a hedge fund is regulated by law and they cannot just disappear with your money. And Hermes Management LTD can!
  • Reporting and transparency. Any American hedge fund tells investors in detail where and how much he wants to invest. And then reports on contributions. Naturally, many do not understand this, but such information must be. And on the official website of Hermes Management LTD there is generally no information about investments.

In general, the work of Hermes Management LTD is built on the principle of the classic hype, which does not conduct any investment activity, but pays interest to old participants at the expense of new deposits.

 Perspectives of Hermes Management LTD

With a yield of 24% and development according to the MLM method with presentations, webinars, etc. Hermes Management LTD can work for 10 years. And given that he just started in 2014 …

Now the company’s popularity is growing, which is not surprising, it has been steadily fulfilling its obligations for 5 years, and this is a serious argument. Yes, and now there are no popular low-profit companies operating on the MLM principle in Russia, but such companies have always been in demand.

Our forecast – Hermes Management LTD will continue to gain popularity and consistently fulfill its obligations, at least in 2019. But remember, about the shortcomings described above in the recall and that it is a classic hype, and there are quite a lot of them and there are more successful and high-quality projects with much higher profitability,

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