HelixxMine.com – cloud mining with a bonus


The main features of the service HelixxMine

Helixx Mine – gives a registration bonus of 300 Gh / s capacity for a 14-day period. However, if you buy 100 Gh / s of power during these 14 days, then the bonus power will remain forever. The following cryptocurrencies can beckon here: BitCoin, Ethereum, BitCoin Cash, ZCash, Monero and Multi. The most profitable at the same time is Multi mining, as Its profitability equals approximately 1% per day. As for the minimum withdrawal, then it is equal to $ 5 at the official rate in any currency.

A very unusual service – here contracts for 1 and 2 years are sold, with different returns, and for each cryptocurrency, the return on contracts is different.

The percentage of return on contracts for 2 years is much lower, so it is not clear why they are needed at all, if you can just take two contracts for a year. It’s also worth noting that the fastest return on investment is as much as 300% per annum in the “Multi” currency, but as I understand it, this cryptocurrency cannot be withdrawn, you can only exchange it for another inside the service (for example, BitCoin) and then withdraw . In any case, the Multi contracts on this service are much more profitable than any others, so it’s worth taking them.

As for the service itself: It was done quite well, both in technical terms and in terms of design – it is trying very hard to look like real cloud mining, but you need to understand that this is not so. Also, the profitability here, when compared with other similar services, is very low from 0.5% to 1% per day, respectively, in order to pay off your contribution, it will take 3 months at best. Of course, I would like to believe that a project with such a low interest is designed for long-term work, but there are no guarantees for this, so I decided to refrain from depositing and take a look at it for now with bonus capacities.

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