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Technical capabilities HashNest S9

Cloud mining is a virtual mining of cryptocurrency without any hardware costs from the user. Today, one of the largest sellers of services in the cloud mining market is the Hashnest system. On this platform, you can get ready-made mining equipment, which is available in S7 and S9 configurations, but it costs not so little. At Hashnest you can find both the cost of the equipment itself and the costs of its daily maintenance.

Mining capacities are available for Bitcoins or dollars in accordance with the Coindesk BPI exchange rate. After the purchase, they are delivered to the data center (within three days) and there they start earning cryptocurrencies to their owners (today, through the Hashnest service, the mine of such coins is available, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Zcash). Also, the owner has the opportunity to sell the purchased equipment on an internal exchange. In the standard case, such mining is possible only using the PPLNS method.

In principle, mining equipment can be delivered straight home in the form of the most common iron after the end of the contract with the HashNest service. The contract with the service ends when the cost of electricity exceeds the income from mining. This contract is not subject to recovery.

To mine the cryptocurrency at home with the help of the equipment delivered, the user in the possession of the exchange must have enough power. That is, if you buy iron, but at the same time sell computing power on the exchange, then mining with it will no longer work, they will have to be bought back. By the way, the income from physical mining is not necessary to cover the cost of electricity.

Owned capacities mine the cryptocurrency owner in PPLNS mode. Earnings are stored on the internal account of the HashNest platform.

The HashNest platform does not guarantee a refund for cloud mining. However, thanks to the internal exchange where you can trade capacities at market prices, you can always sell them and leave the project if it has not met your expectations. Another advantage of the service is that the capacities here are cheaper than on similar platforms, since in this case there is a sale directly from the manufacturer.

One of the latest generations of mining equipment is the HashNest S9. When using it, profitability increases by an order of magnitude compared to previous generations, but its cost is quite high. Nevertheless, the capacities of previous generations are now unlikely to bring the expected income to the owner.

There is no referral system on the service, which may be why this is so little talked about in various reviews, social networks and other resources.

HashNest Key Features and Operation

Registration in the service is extremely simple – fill out the form, agree to the rules, enter the code from the image. Further, to earn digital coins, you need to purchase the first power, for which you need to fill the balance. This procedure is complicated only at first glance. In fact, it’s enough in the “Wallet” section to select “Deposit in Bitcoins” and get a special address that will be needed to replenish the balance. Money will go to the account from him, and it will be possible to proceed with the purchase of capacities.

The HashNest platform takes care of installing and configuring all miners without causing unnecessary inconvenience to its users. Once a day, automatic payments of up to 10 Bitcoins occur.

On average, invested funds pay off a little less than a year. However, to generate income, you will need to periodically change the miners to more advanced ones, since the complexity of cryptocurrency mining is constantly growing.

In conclusion, we can say that HashNest is a fairly reliable service, if only because it is represented by a company such as Bitmain. And it has been quite successfully in the cryptocurrency market since 2013. The HashNest website provides the maximum amount of information for users.

There are also detailed descriptions of working with the service and even photos of data centers where purchased equipment works. Also on the official website there is a support service that answers both directly contacting users and various questions regarding HashNest on forums and social networks. If you want to mine cryptocurrency, but do not have the opportunity to purchase your own mining equipment, the HashNest platform will be an excellent solution to your problem.

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