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Hashing24 com review: reviews, payback and profitability

Hashing 24 is a cloud mining platform that has been providing services since 2016 by leasing BitFury equipment.

The company’s policy is to move away from promoting the brand to creating a network of reliable and honest partnership agreements with cryptocurrency market leaders around the world.

Hashing 24 entered into the most valuable partnership with ASIC, the giant in the development of cloud mining technology.

Today, the company has 3 official representative offices: in Scotland, Thailand and Ukraine (Kiev).

Features of registering at Hashing 24

When registering for the service, everything is extremely clear and understandable. Even an inexperienced investor will quickly figure out the functionality of the portal and will be able to adjust the work process in the client toolbar.

Of the minuses, one can single out registration in the English version of the site, which presents an interesting partnership agreement.

It contains a clause stating that Hashing 24 relieves all responsibility from itself if the service provider refused to fulfill its obligations to the client.

But, despite this important nuance, Hashing 24 has been steadily paying its customers since 2016, which means that with the proper introduction of cases, there should not be any frauds and troubles.

Used algorithms for mining. What currencies are used in this case?

The main feature of the Hashing 24 portal is the demo mining function. Ever heard of this? Now we will analyze everything.

As soon as you sign up for the service, you can “rent a test” equipment and observe all the features of the cloud mining process. To do this, go to the LC, open the “New Contract” page and click the “Start Demo Mining” button.

As for mining itself, then in the same LC there is a potential income calculator where the client can calculate the approximate profitability based on official statistics and data.

 Tariffs and profitability of the Hashing 24 site

An interested client can purchase only 1 host, the price of which is 0.125 BTC, by paying through an OK PAY, Bitcoin or non-cash web wallet.

The system offers to purchase a minimum tariff plan for only $ 20, which is similar to the allocated capacity of 100GH / s. You can buy a package immediately after registering with the LC in the previously mentioned section “New contract”.

For inexperienced clients, this amount is substantial and can be somewhat alarming, but on the other hand, it eloquently suggests that the company is not looking for ways to attract hundreds of new investors, but is gradually making a proven and reliable service for those who really want to invest a lot and make a lot of money. Everything is very simple.

Also, let’s not forget about the affiliate program, which, judging by the information from the Hashing 24 portal, is up to 10% (on the same Genesis, it is no more than 3%).
Since we’ve started talking about the minimum package, let’s look at an example of the estimated income from such an investment.

Features of Hashing 24

We highlight the main features of the service:

  • You can mine Bitcoin after 5 minutes of setting up the necessary technological base;
  • The service uses only the most modern and proven equipment partners. As noted above, more than half of Hashing 24’s capacities are BitFury systems and designs;
  • Technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • The most favorable and affordable prices for electricity, as well as rental equipment;
  • The presence of several data centers in Iceland and Georgia.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of currency
  • All accruals inside the Hashing 24 platform pass only in Bitcoin.

You can buy coins using the following payment systems:

  • OKPay;
  • Credit card MasterCard, VISA;
  • By bank transfer.

Accepted currency for payment of mining contracts: Euro, US dollar and Bitcoin.

Taking into account the scope of the company, it is logical to assume that all withdrawal operations take place purely in cryptocurrency.

The minimum for withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. The amount is quite good for small investors, but taking into account the commission, it can not be considered as the most relevant in the cloud mining market. Hashing 24 strongly recommends accumulating such a minimum on your balance sheet.

 Search for real Hashing 24 reviews

Since the project is a big fish in this area, on the Internet you can easily find a large number of positive reviews about the service.

Some customers are uncontrollably happy to receive stable and constant payments, while others insist that the amount of income can fluctuate significantly from time to time – from small to large and vice versa.

Here you just need to understand that the mood of the public is tied to the course of Bitcoin, and when it creeps down significantly, the indignation only increases. But overall, Hashing 24 reviews are only positive.

As conclusions on the Hashing 24 project, it is worth noting the fact that the service is already considered not only one of the most famous cloud mining platforms, but also one where all operations are simple and convenient, and profitability is constantly increasing.

Taking into account the fact that the project has secured a large number of partnership agreements with global developers of cloud mining equipment, it is safe to say that Hashing 24 can be safely added to your investment portfolio.

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