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Hashflare (hash flyer) cloud mining

HashFlare service has been providing cloud mining services since 2014. It is a division of HashCoin, a company specializing in mining equipment and software development. Cloud mining is carried out at the facilities of this manufacturer in data centers located in North America, Asia and Europe.

HashFlare cloud mining offers customers the following benefits:

  • Low threshold for entering mining – from $ 1.80 for 10 GH / s of power;
  • Quick registration and user-friendly interface;
  • Commencement of payment of fees on the next day after the purchase of the contract;
  • Convenient tools for statistics of profit and forecasting profitability;
  • Different methods of payment and withdrawal of funds;
  • Quick withdrawal of money;
  • Reinvest tool, which allows reinvesting received rewards in the purchase of a hashrate;
  • The ability to distribute power among pools;
  • Effective customer support by phone, email and online.

Today, HashFlare carries out cloud mining of 4 cryptocurrencies: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash. Initially, mining was carried out according to two algorithms – SHA-256 for mining Bitcoin and Scrypt for Litecoin, but over time, the service added capacity and expanded the infrastructure for mining other cryptocurrencies.

 How to make money on HashFlare

To start earning on cloud mining you need to choose a tariff and purchase a hashrate. You can reduce the total purchase price by using HashFlare codes. A day after the payment of the contract, the client receives the first payment of fees.

To get more profit and extend the contract, part of the received payments can be reinvested using the Reinvest tool. It is possible to reduce the risks of loss of profit due to fluctuations in the rates of cryptocurrencies by purchasing various mining capacities. The miner can also manage profitability by distributing power across different pools.

Using the “Profitability” tool, which is located in your personal account, the user can see the current profitability forecast for a day, week, month, year. The profitability of cloud mining for each contract depends on the complexity of mining, as well as the Bitcoin exchange rate in relation to other cryptocurrencies. We offer a small overview of earnings with HashFlare. In 2018, on HashFlare, the profitability and payback of mining under contracts are as follows:

  • According to the Scrypt tariff, profitability was at the level of 105-120%, and the payback period was 8-9 months. 10Gh \\ s gives an income of $ 0.03 per day;
  • Mining profitability under the SHA-256 contract is up to 280%, and the payback period is 6-8 months;
  • Ethas tariff demonstrates a yield of 80-120%. With this level of profitability, investments in cloud mining will pay off within 10-12 months;
  • Mining profitability at X11 and Equihash tariffs is 110%, and the payback period is 7-9 months.

Register on the site and purchase a hashrate

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, registering for HashFlare is easy:

  1. To register, specify an email address, select a country from the drop-down list, create a password and specify a date of birth.
  2. Confirm email by clicking on the link that the service will send.
  3. To purchase a hashrate, go to the menu item ‘Buy a hashrate’ and select a tariff plan.
  4. Use the slider to select the number of capacities you want to buy.
  5. Select a Payment Method.
  6. Confirm acceptance of the Terms of Use and click ‘Confirm.’
  7. Apply the HashFlare promo code and get a discount of up to 5%.
  8. Pay the hash rate in the selected way.

After payment for capacity is carried out automatically, mining will begin.

Pool Power Distribution

Once a day, the miner has the ability to distribute power among selected pools in different percentages. Thanks to this, it is possible to manage profitability by analyzing the profitability of different pools. In your account in each type of contract there is a “Pools” section and to distribute the hashrate, you need to click on the gear icon, select the pools from the drop-down menu and, using the sliders, indicate the number of capacities that will be directed to it.

Payment methods and their features

The service offers 6 ways to pay for the purchase of capacities:

  • Transfer from a Bitcoin wallet. If you chose this method of payment, then you need to pay for the order within 120 minutes;
  • Through the payment system EMC Transfer;
  • By credit card, which must be verified. In addition, when paying by credit card, a limit on withdrawal of funds is established up to 14 days from the date of sending the withdrawal request;
  • Bank transaction. After choosing this method, the details for payment will be sent to an email attached to the account. The invoice must be paid within 7 days;
  • Through the Payeer payment system;
  • Off balance. This payment method is available only to users who previously purchased capacities and have accumulated enough funds in their account to purchase additional capacities.

How to withdraw earned funds

To withdraw the rewards received, you must add the BTC wallet address in your profile. You can find the fields for entering the wallet address in the ‘Settings’ section. There are also fields for the addresses of the wallets of other cryptocurrencies.

To withdraw funds, you need to follow a simple algorithm:

  • Go to the ‘My Account’.
  • Click the ‘Output’ button in the upper right corner.
  • Select the amount you want to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’.
  • An email will be sent to the email with a link that you need to click to confirm the payment.

Within 1 hour from the moment of confirmation, funds will be credited to your wallet.

HashFlare cloud mining has set the minimum amounts available for withdrawal:

  • For Bitcoin – 0.0106 BTC;
  • For Ethereum – 0.1006 ETH;
  • For Zcash – 0.10003 ZEC.

 HashFlare User Reviews

About HashFlare reviews in most cases are positive. You can verify this by opening the company’s official website or social profile. Customers of the service especially appreciate the low prices for capacity, stable payment of fees, wide functionality and a convenient personal account. Also, many miners note the responsiveness of the support service and the convenience of the Reinvest tool.

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